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How Natural Green Tea Helps You Quit Smoking

How Natural Green Tea Helps You Quit Smoking

Somebody has very well said that making a habit and quitting a habit are equally difficult. However, we beg to differ. Quitting a habit especially that of an addiction like smoking can be much more difficult than simply start smoking. Cigarette smoking is known to be the parental cause of umpteen body ailments and for reducing the lifespan of millions. While some people really want to quit it, they end up smoking again because of lack of willpower, control and other factors. Are you somebody who is struggling with this new endeavor? Then, this blog is for you. Today, Maharani Chai brings to you the best and the easiest way of giving up smoking – sipping their natural green tea. Here’s how healthy green tea helps you in quit smoking.

Sipping green tea clears up the trapped cough and congestion.
When a person quits smoking, the body reacts. It reacts by producing excessive mucus and other slimy debris. In such a case, one is likely to have cough and congestion. Sipping green tea regularly can help one in clearing up the trapped cough and congestion. Now, you can forget nose blockage and sleep sound.

Green tea puts a break on nausea. It also prevents constipation.
The nicotine present in cigarettes affects our bowel and colon negatively. When a person gives up smoking, he/she might experience nausea and acute constipation. This is the adjusting mechanism of the human body. All you can do is have a cup of natural green tea on a daily basis and you will feel relieved. The best green tea for health which is manufactured by Maharani Chai is known to have a mild laxative effect on the stomach of the drinker and doesn’t come with any health risks. Buy green tea online from the leading green tea brands of India – Maharani Chai.

Having a headache or bodyache? Well, you can do with some green tea.
Once nicotine leaves your life for once and for all (we hope so), your head might start spinning and your body might start aching. This is very common. Since natural green tea is rish in anti-inflammatory oxidants, a cup of healthy green tea can relieve you of all these aches and can even increase bloodd circulation.

It’s a stressbuster!
A majority of people start smoking because they feel stressed. Once you quit, a stressful situation can drag you towards a puff. So, in such a situation, it’s important to lay hands on a cup of healthy green tea and calm dow. In this way, you can prevent yourself from getting tempted.

Feeling jittery? Is it difficult to focus on work? A cup of green tea can might be of some help.
Green tea has a soothing, calming yet vigilant effect on the drinker. After having a cup of Maharani Chai natural green tea, you feel calm and alert at the same time. With nicotine gone from your life, a perfect cup of green tea can do wonders for you!

Manage weight gain.
Nicotine is known for curbing appetite. Once you quit nicotine, you ignite the foodie in you who loves to munch 24*7. Chances are you will gain weight. Also, sometimes, people end up smoking after having a hearty meal because of their “hand to mouth” habit of smoking. So, to keep smoking and weight gain away, grab a cup of healthy green tea.

Thus, Maharani Chai’s natural green tea can prove out to be a natural fix for many problems when a person tries to quit smoking. While you are moving towards a healthy lifestyle, we stand by your side. We wish you a healthy life with healthy green tea! Get the best green tea for health at

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