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Assam Tea in Uttarakhand

Tea is one of the most profound yet tender beverages in India. What is intriguing is that it is never considered as just a beverage, but an experience, a story, an anecdote, and sometimes, your gateway to mental peace. Today, it will be fair enough to say that tea has become the heartthrob of the nation. As the population grew and the standard of living improved, people didn’t want to stick to the classic tea. They wanted some flavourful additions and subtractions – they wanted to sip novelty. As a result, umpteen tea brands and manufacturers are coming up and have transformed India into a budding tea hub. They have been mixing and matching flavors to produce some of the best tea beverages. However, one beverage that has been standing tall amidst the ravages of time is Assam tea. And Maharani Chai is accredited with the manufacturing of the best Assam tea in India.

Served with Indian as well as international cuisines, it has a robust flavor and a lovely aroma. These very characteristics of the best Assam tea in Uttarakhand come after the leaves undergo a strenuous process.

At Maharani Chai, the manufacturers of the Maharani Green Tea 200 gms (2 pack of 100g), we make sure that the tea-manufacturing process stimulates chemical changes in the leaves, resulting in the unique flavors, colors, and plant compounds that are characteristic of this beverage. 

The Health Benefits of Maharani Assam Tea

Our best Assam tea online provides the drinker with tons of benefits:

  • Boasts many antioxidants

Like Maharani Green Tea – Natural 25 Tea Bags, Maharani Assam contains several unique plant compounds that function as antioxidants in your body and may play a role in disease prevention. Your body naturally produces highly reactive chemicals called free radicals. When too many accumulate, they can damage your tissues and contribute to disease and accelerated aging. The antioxidants in black tea may counteract the negative effects of free radicals, protecting cells from damage and reducing inflammation.

  • May promote heart health

Assam tea consists of compounds that may help reduce cholesterol and prevent the buildup of plaque in blood vessels.

  • May support immune function

Early research suggests that Maharani Assam tea in Nainital may function like prebiotics in your digestive tract. Prebiotics are compounds found in various foods that support the growth and maintenance of healthy bacteria in your gut. A thriving community of healthy gut bacteria is an essential component of proper immune function because it fights harmful bacteria that can potentially make you sick.

  • May have anticancer effects

Several studies note that some compounds present in this tea may inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells. Additionally, a small body of research in humans has observed associations between Assam tea intake and a reduced risk of certain cancers, including skin and lung cancer. This could be one of the reasons behind the rising popularity of Assam tea in Haldwani and other smaller provinces of India where rigorous R&D is not there.

  • May promote brain health  

Early research suggests that certain compounds in Assam tea from the top tea brand in Uttarakhand, may be used as a treatment or preventative therapy for degenerative brain illnesses.

Preparation of Maharani Assam Tea

Maharani Chai  is very simple to make. All you need is our tea, some hot water, and a mug or teapot. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive and widely available. You can find it in any of the grocery outlets or on our website. We sell the best tea in Uttarakhand in loose-leaf form or pre-portioned tea bags. If you buy loose-leaf, you’ll want to aim for about 1 teaspoon (around 2 grams) of tea per 8 ounces (240 ml) of water.

First, boil water and let it cool for 10–20 seconds before pouring it over the tea. Allow it to steep for about 2 minutes, or according to the package instructions. Take care not to over-steep, as this will produce a very bitter flavor.

For optimal health, Assam tea should be consumed without any added ingredients. If you prefer to add a bit of milk or sugar, just be careful not to spoon in too much sweetener.If you’re interested in trying our Assam tea, place your order now at We also offer Maharani Green Tea Super Saver Pack. Try it now! One can sip on a variety of flavors such as Maharani Tea Time, Maharani Gold Tea (Bundle of 4), and Maharani Darjeeling Special Leaf Tea (500gms).

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