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Maharani Green Tea Super Saver Pack – Buy 2 Get 1 Free

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The benefits of three different flavors for a price of two.

Three distinctive flavors of Maharani Green Tea now at the price of two!

Maharani Green Tea – Natural is naturally rich in antioxidants, primarily ECGC polyphenols, which are known for rejuvenating the body and providing unique health benefits. It also contains L-theanine for soothing and calming. Made from the choicest of tea leaves, this original cup of green tea will truly refresh your senses. Just sip and feel the difference!

Maharani Green Tea – Honey Lemon is a zesty blend of fine green tea, tangy lime, and delicately sweet honey. This healthy potion of anti-oxidant-rich ingredients helps strengthen your immune system, improves memory, and aids in proper digestion. Its distinctive aroma and pleasant taste will instantly refresh and enliven you. Truly, an adventure for the senses!

Maharani Green Tea – Tulsi is the perfect alternative to regular tea and is a rich source of antioxidants that help build immunity and fight infections. It is a healthy concoction of green tea and tulsi, which has been shown to improve one’s health since time immemorial. It not just strengthens the immune system but also aids in proper digestion by improving the metabolism and detoxifying the body.




Green Tea


75 Enveloped Double Chamber Bio-degradable Tea Bags

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Mfg. on October. 2022
Use By Sep 2023

Other Information

Marketed By: RAMESH TEA TRADERS, Prayagraj
FSSAI LIC NO. 12715005000031
Manufactured and Packed By: Apurva Organics Kolkata
FSSAI LIC NO. 12821999000013


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