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Assam tea in Uttar Pradesh

Born and brought up in the tea estates of Assam, one gets to sip the exquisite, profound yet tender Assam tea. This tea beverage on being steeped emits the shades of ruby red and sun-setting orange. It has a bold, brisk, and malty flavor. The blends of Assam tea are often labeled as “breakfast tea”. Small-sized Assam tea leaves encompass what the world knows as the “Irish breakfast tea”. The best Assam tea in India especially in Uttar Pradesh is manufactured by Maharani Chai. With our expertise, our tea sommeliers do a manual splendid selection of leaves in the tea estates of Assam. These very leaves are made to undergo a list of automated processes such as CTC, withering, oxidation, drying, and aging. This is how we get the aromatic and flavourful Maharani Assam CTC tea and Maharani Nectar Assam Tea 1kg (Pack of 2) to your kitchen tabletops. 

The Best Tea in Uttar Pradesh

Since our very advent, we have garnered immense popularity in Uttar Pradesh, thanks to our Assam tea in Varanasi. High-Grown Maharani Assam CTC which comes along with Maharani Nectar Darjeeling Cutter Leaves 200gms (Pack of 2) has a rich fabulous and is loaded with umpteen health benefits. Here’s what this tea beverage has to offer:

  • Rich and Robust Flavor

Assam black tea is known for its bold and robust flavor profile. It boasts a malty and full-bodied taste with a strong, brisk, and sometimes slightly astringent quality. This boldness sets Assam tea apart from other black teas, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a hearty cup of tea. So far ours is the best Assam tea online.

  • Looks appealing

Remember refusing to drink that beverage or eat that dish just because it looked unpleasant or let’s just say ‘ugly’? Well, thankfully, this isn’t the case with Maharani Chai. Our Maharani Nectar Darjeeling Long Leaves 200gms (Pack of 2), High-Grown Assam CTC tea, and Maharani Premium Tea 1 Kg Pack produce a vibrant, coppery, visually appealing liquid when brewed. The infusion reflects the tea’s strength and character, inviting you to savor every sip. 

  • Tippy Leaves

The best Assam tea in Uttar Pradesh is made from tippy leaves, including the tea plant’s fine, golden yellow-colored tips. These highly prized tips contribute to the tea’s exceptional flavor and appearance. Tippy Assam tea in Gorakhpur is known for its sweetness and depth.

  • Rich in Antioxidants

Our Assam tea is a rich source of antioxidants. These compounds are pivotal in neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body. By combating oxidative stress, Assam tea may lower the risk of chronic diseases, including certain cancers, cardiovascular conditions, and age-related degenerative disorders. Regular consumption of Assam tea can contribute to overall well-being by supporting your body’s natural defense mechanisms against cellular damage.

  • Improves Cognitive Function

Assam tea in Prayagraj contains moderate quantities of caffeine which can positively impact cognitive function. Unlike the rapid energy spikes and crashes associated with coffee, the caffeine in tea is released slowly, promoting alertness and mental clarity without jitteriness.

If you haven’t tried Assam tea yet, make sure you do. You’ll simply love it. To order Assam black tea, visit us at To drink a healthy yet tasteful beverage this winter, try our Maharani Green Tea Tulsi 25 Tea bags. Order now!

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