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Assam Tea in Haryana

In India, tea has become an inevitable part of the life of the people. Best of all, this beverage doesn’t bind with generation. Be it the senior citizens or the Gen-Z, it is impossible to have a good morning and a beautiful evening without tea. Whether it’s raining outside or the summer sun makes you tired – tea is the solution for everything. So, here we bring the best Assam Tea in India and Maharani X-Lent Tea 1 Kg Box made with love and expertise by Maharani Chai. We wish to make you feel a stream of emotions the moment you cradle that cup in your hands. Feel the warmth and love of Assam tea with your near and dear ones and of course, us!

In a country like ours, a cup of tea is never taken for granted. Moreover, nobody considers tea as any other usual beverage – it’s a cup brimming with memories, stories, and anecdotes. Every morning, whether you like to have a cup of kadak chai or a healthy cup of jasmine-infused tea, Maharani Chai offers a wide range of teas including the Maharani X-Lent Tea 1 Kg Box.

Born and brought up in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, Maharani Chai wishes to see India sip tea as an experience and not just a mere chore. Instead of working too much on the branding, we have been focussing on the quality of our products since our very advent. And this is the reason why we remain the heartthrob of millions of tea lovers around the world. Moreover, we accredit our huge customer loyalty base to the very fact that we offer premium taste at a cost-effective price. Our focus on the product comes from the years of effort put in by our tea sommeliers who consistently endeavor to improve existing blends and develop new ones. And every cup that is made out of the Maharani Treasure Tea Box sums this up well. 

While our country hosts a variety of tea manufacturers and tea businesses, Maharani Chai has an edge over them since it is one of the few tea manufacturing companies whose raw material comes straight from the lush green tea estates of Assam and Darjeeling. Coming in the regal packaging of the Maharani Treasure Tea Box, this robust tea is cultivated on the shore of the meandering Brahmaputra river. Additionally, the area’s rich loamy soil is what gives the tea its smooth, malty flavor. Traditionally, it is also referred to as black tea. In the very first sip, experience being transported to the panoramic tea gardens of Maharani Assam tea in Haryana

If you are a chai lover and a great fan of Maharani Chai, then you can find Maharani Chai in different cities. Best of all, we are always ready to cross borders to provide a cup of satisfaction to our loyal consumers with an array of variants such as Maharani Royal Tea (Bundle of 4), Maharani Premium Tea and to name a few.

If you haven’t sipped Maharani Assam Tea in Rohtak, it implies that you haven’t awakened yet! Do try it if you consider yourself to be a. So, if you are a true tea connoisseur, don’t keep your heart waiting. Place your order for the best of tea beverages including the Maharani Special Tea (Twin Pack) 500gms now at

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