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Green Tea Helps Your Hair Grow!

Green Tea Helps Your Hair Grow!

Since yester years, green tea has been recommended by health experts because of the countless health perks it comes with. However, very few are familiar with its purported benefits on our hair. Maharani Chai takes you through the most lucrative benefits green tea can cast on your locks in today’s blog. So, without any further ado, let’s get reading.

Benefits of green tea on hair
Maharani Chai brings to you some scientifically proven benefits of green tea that can leave your hair beautiful and ever-growing:

Prevents hair loss
Be it due to a poor diet intake or stress levels, hair loss has been hovering over anybody and everybody in this expeditious world. Hair loss tends to affect the natural growth of the hair in a negative manner. The best green tea consists of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is known to increase the growth of hair. So, if you are somebody who is tired of their hair loss, then try some green tea and witness the miracle.

Increases hair growth
In addition to preventing hair loss, the best green tea is known to promote the growth of healthy hair and even regrowth. Again, the miracle ingredient is EGCG. Thanks to its ability of stimulating the dead hair follicles and rejuvenating dead hair cells, your hair starts growing at a considerable rate.

Enhances the delivery of nutrients to your scalp as well as hair
Very few people know that hair receives nutrients from the scalp, which in turn, is enriched by blood. And because of this, hair growth is largely impacted by the amount of nutrients and oxygen your hair receive from your scalp. Drinking pure green tea helps enhance the supply of blood as well as oxygen to the hair follicles, thus enabling them to grow.

How to use green tea on hair?
Pertaining to the aforementioned benefits of green tea on our hair, it is important to use pure green tea in the right manner to extract the maximum benefit from it. Here’s how you can use it on your hair:

Shampoo with a green tea extract
Lay hands on a shampoo that is enriched with the best green tea extract. It is easily available online or in retail stores. Apply the shampoo delicately on the roots of your treases as well as the scalp. Scrub gently and wash after a minute or two.

Condition your hair
Use a green tea conditioner after applying the shampoo. You can purchase it online or from any of the retail stores. Instead of a conditioner, one can also use a hair mask. Read the “Directions to Use” carefully before applying it.

Use a homemade hair product
You can also make something for your hair at home. Grab one or two pure green tea bags, add them in boiling water, and leave them for 5 minutes. Once they cool off, gently apply the product to your hair.

Drink green tea
Nothing compares to the direct consumption of pure green tea. Enjoy at least two cups of Maharani Chai green tea every day for flawless hair. Maharani Chai offers a range of green tea products including tulsi, honeylemon, and mint, perfect for enhancing your tea-steeping experience. With these ingredients, transform your healthy beverage into a delectable one.

Things to keep in mind while using green tea products
While green tea has enormous health and skin benefits, some hair products having green tea extracts can have higher percentages of EGCG and other antioxidants. These can cause indigestion and can even be detrimental to the liver.
Sometimes, supplements too have higher percentages of EGCG. So, before starting a new supplement or even using the best green tea brand or product. it is advisable to discuss it with your healthcare expert.

That’s all from our side. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of green tea to the greatest extent possible, then do try Maharani Chai’s Natural, Tulsi, Mint as well as Honeylemon green tea products. Now, you can order Maharani Chai products hassle-free from our website – Happy drinking!

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