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Best Time To Drink Green Tea

Best Time To Drink Green Tea

Known to have uncountable health benefits, pure leaf green tea has been in great demand for the past few years. It is beneficial for brain workout, flawless skin, and helps in putting off weight. In addition to that, green tea helps in overcoming heart ailments as well as in improving digestion. There is no iota of doubt the list of benefits of green tea leaf is too long but some of them prove to be more pronounced in leaving a positive and indelible impact on your mind and body if you drink green tea at a specific time of the day. This article takes you through the desired time periods of a day to sip your healthy beverage.

  • In the mornings.

Well, nothing can give you a good headstart than a good morning. So, it is recommneded to sip your healthy beverage in the morning. This is also recommended since it has high levels of healthy caffeine that can energize you for the day. While some people often compare this caffeine with that present in the coffee, however that isn’t the case. You may get a typical caffeine adrenaline rush after drinking coffee but green tea leaf has L-theanine that makes the headstart healthier. It doesn’t force you to have another cup after sometime when you are low on energy. Instead, it keeps you energised for hours. 

  • Before, in between and after meals?

Usually, people drink pure leaf green tea before meals. Having green tea before meals can help in boosting metabolism, increase EGCg antioxidant absorption and even helps in keeping hunger at bay. But it also has a drawback – it inhibits  the absorption of iron. So, it is recommended to have green tea leaf in between a meal or after a meal. 

In Asian countries, light green tea is best served with sushi. On the other hand, strong gree teas are often paired with desserts and sweet meals. This can be a roller coaster ride for your taste buds! Sipping premium tea after half-an-hour or so can help in improving digestion and boosting metabolism.

  • During your workout routine? Or after it?

Usually, it is recommended to have gree tea one-and-a-half-an-hour i.e. 90 minutes before your workout. This helps in losing weight and can even boost the oxidation rate of fat present in the body. This implies that you will be burning more fat than earlier. In addition to that, it also helps in boosting cognitive ability that helps in resurfacing a more focussed and full-of-endurance version of you while exercising. 

If one drinks green tea after half-an-hour or so after workouts, then one is bound to feel hydrated and replenished.

  • In the evenings.

In this fast-paced world, we often get stressed, panicky and what not. Green tea is a great way of feeling relaxed and taking some time-off for a while. Pumped with mint, jasmine, lemongrass, or chamomile, a cup of Maharani Green Tea – Natural during the evenings can act as a stress-reliever and can also prepare you for a sound sleep in the night. 

If you continue to sip green tea in the evenings, then with time, your brain will be signalled to relax. This helps in improving your quality of sleep.

  • Anytime?

Health experts recommend having green tea at least two to five times a day. Green tea will keep you energized throughout your day. You will feel that yiur skin is better-looking now, there is a reduction in your stress levels, there is a significant decrease in inflammation and your immunity has boosted.

So, it can be concluded that no matter when you consume it, a cup of pure leaf green tea will benefit you anyhow. Usually, for benefits of heart and skin, pick premium quality Maharani Chai For other health benefits, you are highly recommended to follow the aforementioned timings. So, what’s stopping you? Purchase premium tea at best rates from our Happy drinking!

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