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A comprehensive understanding of CTC tea

A Comprehensive Understanding of CTC Tea

Want to get rid of headache? Have a cup of tea. Enjoying monsoon? How about having a cup of tea for company? Be it the classic masala chai or the very healthy green tea, tea has always been India’s favorite beverage. This gives the process of producing tea paramount importance. Given the technological advancement, there are myriads of methods of producing tea. At Maharani Chai production facilities, we aim to combine our cutting-edge technology with the traditional methods of producing tea such as the CTC and this is the reason why we are the first preference of countless households for Assam CTC tea online in Madhya Pradesh. Buy darjeeling tea online in Uttar Pradesh from Maharani Chai and enjoy the rich flavour of your favorite beverage. In this blog, we bring to you the entire process of CTC in a comprehensive manner.

What is CTC?

Introduced by Sir William McKercher in the 1930s Assam tea gardens, CTC is the acronym of the tea producing technique “Crush, Tear, Curl”. This traditional method of producing tea involves cutting the tea leaves in a systematic order, then tearing them precisely and rolling them. At our producing facilities, we use a CTC processing machine for the same. The various nuances of this process are:

  • The process of witthering

With the help of our expert tea sommeliers, we pick the choicest leaves from the tea estates of Assam. Tea leaves of different sizes are collector and then dried up. These are then processed wherein excess moisture is removed. Once the leaves are moisture-free upto 70%, tey tend to get twisted. And so should be looked upon carefully. This very process is called withering. It is a time-consuming process and can take from 3 hours to an entire day to be completed. 

  • The purification process

When tea leaves are collected, they consist of a lot of debris such as pebbles, pieces of metal and dust particles. In this process, the leaves are separated from the debris. Once separated, they undergo a rotor vane and a leaf shredder, almost simultaneously.

  • The process of maceration

Leaves undergo the process of quick oxidation here. This helps the enzymes present in the leaves to open up for oxygen and gives the tea a great colour as well ass flavour.

  • The process of CTC

Now, the tea leaves are sent to the CTC processing machine so that the leaves can get an apt size and a desired shape. Maharani Chai gets premium-quality tea leaves for all its products via this process.

  • The process of oxidation

After getting oxidized ones, the leaves again undego oxidation in the CTC processing machine and come out with a shade darker. 

  • The process of drying up

The leaves are then dried-up. If not dried properly, then the life span of tea leaves gets reduced. Maharani Chai takes special care when it comes to the process of drying and this is the reason why our Assam CTC tea online in Uttar Pradesh remains fresh even after a few months of pruchase. We make sure of air heaters and gigantic fans so that the leaves get dried-up.

  • The process of differentiating the leaves

Last but not the least, the tea leaves are differentiated on the basis of their quality and size. Other basis of differentiation includes broken leaves, fannings, dust etc.

Benefits of doing CTC

Maharani Chai undertakes the process of CTC for a variety of reasons:

  • The process is fast and lucid.

CTC is a seamless and fast method of producing tea. It is because of the quickness involved in this process that we are able to meet the demands of thousands of Indian households on time.

  • One-size-fits-all

This very process of producing leaves is suitable for all kinds of leaves. In addition to that, when leaves of different shapes and sizes are blended, then a whole new mixture of flavour and aroma is born. This keeps our customers hooked to our tea products.

  • The process makes our products reasonable.

Our premium products come without a premium price tag. And this is because of CTC. Since the production cost is less, this is the reason why Maharani Chai is one of the most affordable tea brands in the country.

Every day, we strive hard to better our products. And CTC is instrumental in the process. Want to have a malty and earthy cup of tea? Buy Maharani Chai Assam CTC tea online in Uttar Pradesh and taste the rich-flavored beverage ever made. Visit us at now.

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