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Enjoy the Rich Flavour of Assam Tea

Enjoy the Rich Flavour of Assam Tea

Do you prefer your tea to be slightly on the bitter and malty side? If yes, then you must be a fan of the rich and earthy Assam tea. Assam tea, also known for being a classic breakfast tea, is one of the deepest-coloured and spicy tea types. This tea is widely-recognized for the array of colour it emits while being brewed. While turning from deep sunset orange to warming brown, it brews into a tender yet profound beverage. 

Born in the tea plantations of Assam, hand-picked by our expert sommeliers and manufactured using technological equipments, Maharani Chai aims to carry the flavour, aroma and taste to the threshold of your kitchen. While other manufacturers often work on blended Assam tea, we manufacture authentic Assam tea to retain the robustness of the flavour. Our Assam tea is perfect for your classic masala chai and is the best Assam tea in India. The rich flavour of our Assam tea isn’t just accredited to the clement weather conditions or topographical factors, but also to our brand and the qualities it exemplifies. 

The rich flavour of legacy

Being crafted by experts since the past 65 years, Maharani Chai has spread its name far and wide as the best tea brand in India. The tea has a natural aroma with 100% natural ingredients unlike other tea brands in the market that carry a superficial aroma. Our tea stands out to be unrivalled and undisputable and therefore, it is deemed as the best Assam tea in India.

All the processes are done with precision

Since its very inception, Maharani Chai has been enjoying the reputation of manufacturing the best tea brand in India. One of the major reasons for that is the precision with which they perform the processes associated with the manufacturing of the tea. The major processes include withering, curing and drying. Withering and curing are done by experts meticulously. And this is the reason why Maharani Chai has a dark colour and a profound aroma.

Optimum Oxidation gives it authenticity 

Oxidation is the process of drying the leaves and giving them a darker colour. The more oxidized the leaves are, the darker will be the shade of the brewed tea. When it comes to Assam tea, they are fully oxidized and hence, turn oak brown while it is brewed. Maharani Chai makes sure that their tea reaches the optimum level of oxidation. Our tea emits deep-amber brown colour and give an authentic, refreshing, spicy and full-bodied flavour, and that’s why it is the best tea in Uttar Pradesh.

Brewed wih brilliance

Our tea is the perfect amalgamation of robust flavours and aroma. With the infused long leaves and the choicest handpicked leaves from the tea estates of Assam, this tea brews brilliance. It’s not just a beverage but a brilliant experience that you will cherish till the very last drop. 

Purchase easily. Store seamlessly.

Because of our online presence, you can now enjoy Assam tea in spite of residing in any nook and corner of the country. We aim to serve you “second flush” – the finest quality of Assam tea without a premium price tag. You can purchase your favorite elixir from our website – easily. Your product will be delivered with care and keeping in mind the safety standards.

When it comes to storage, it is recommened to store it in a place that is moisture-free. Any airtight container will work. Our tea will remain fresh even if you will use it after a few months of the purchase.

Willing to taste the richness and robustness of Assam tea? Place an order with Maharani Chai, the best tea brand in India and enjoy your favorite beverage in the comforts of your home.

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