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What is the interesting story behind tea?

What is the Interesting Story Behind Tea?

We like to believe that our teas are more than simply teas. Our teas are like books. Various international stories from the sights we have seen, the people we have met there, and all the cultures we have learned about.

What is tea?

The origin of tea begins with a unique seed that develops into a lovely tiny tree. or a shrub. even a plant. The issue is, while it is undoubtedly a pretty stunning piece of nature, the most remarkable aspect of this tiny evergreen known as Camellia Sinensis is that it is the origin of all teas in existence. That\’s accurate. This particular plant, which was only ever found in Asia but has now been grown in various tropical regions all over the world, is the source of all varieties of tea. Which makes sense given that tea is the second most popular beverage worldwide. If water is removed from the equation, the winner is clear-cut. Additionally, tea has been consumed for ages. It has long been known for its many abilities and advantages for the body and mind, from the antioxidants in green and white tea to the potent traits and scents of black tea mixes.

Now that you know, you can call any infusion tea if it contains leaves from the trusted Camellia plant. Otherwise, you may not (though we won\’t hold it against you if you do). What kind of tea ultimately emerges from those leaves depends on a variety of factors, but it may be categorised into six fundamental types: black, oolong, dark, green, white, and (a relatively unknown beverage to most people) yellow tea. We selected the black, green, and white varieties of tea for our organic blends, combining them with a tonne of delectable herbs, fruits, flowers, and specialty perfumes.

The origin of tea in India

Some people think that tea\’s commercialization began in the era of British India. However, the evidence shows that tea drinking dates back to at least 750 BC in India. It was not as marketed back then as it is now. Monks and saints were the main users, who relied on them to remain vigilant. Later, it was used for its therapeutic qualities, much like Indian herbal tea.

It was eventually consumed by the royals and aristocrats. It wasn\’t until the British invasion of India that it started to be consumed commercially. We Indians started consuming a lot of tea because of their addiction to it. It was a significant turn in the story of Indian tea. India currently ranks second globally in both tea production and consumption.

In accordance with tradition, the discovery of tea was extremely unlike the encounter with the Chinese emperor. Around 2000 years ago, this particular legend first appeared. In order to devote seven years to meditation and prayer, a monk makes the decision that would later develop Zen Buddhism. He was about to snooze during the sixth year. He ate a few of the surrounding shrubs\’ leaves out of hatred.

Only tea leaves were present in this. Chewing them whenever he felt sleepy allowed him to stay awake. He could keep his promise as a result. Then, in order to stay awake for exercise and prayer, numerous monks drank tea. It was afterwards brewed and consumed by the locals. So began the tea\’s protracted voyage. As a result of the East India Company, tea cultivation spread to areas like Nilgiri, Assam, and Darjeeling.

India\’s border is home to numerous prosperous tea estates. Darjeeling black tea is one of those, and it is known for its distinctive flavour all over the world. Due to the enormous cultural diversity of Indians, tea is served in a variety of combinations, including hot or cold, with or without milk, and with or without sugar. One of the newest fads in India is herbal tea, which is appreciated by people who are concerned about their health.

However, the majority of Indians in the general public enjoy their tea with milk and sugar. Tea finds its place with respect and dignity, whether it\’s at a corporate board meeting or a roadside tea shop. It is the most popular beverage after water.

Modern world Tea

The variety and flavours of tea have exploded in the modern world. There are many more types of tea than just those made from the tea plant. There are tea infusions prepared from flower petals, roots, herbs, and spices. Everyone can find something they like among the alternatives, which range from herbal tisanes to spicy teas. This well-liked beverage has established itself as a mainstay in both contemporary culture and traditional healing.

The advantages of frequent tea use for health are still being demonstrated by scientific studies. Daily sips of tea can improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, and even ward against deadly diseases like cancer. It is safe to conclude that tea will remain popular for generations to come given its wide variety of flavours and smells.

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