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What is Assam CTC Tea?

What is Assam CTC Tea?

Thousands of beautiful loose leaf teas with hundreds of flavours are produced in Assam\’s countless tea gardens. Until recently, Assam was typically advertised as just Indian tea, but quality grade and tea garden are now important factors for tea drinkers all over the world.There is a probability that if you drink tea, you have at least once tried Assam. It is a typical component of several blends, including Earl Grey and English Breakfast.

What is Assam CTC Tea?

Black tea produced in the Indian state of Assam is known as Assam tea. Assam produced nearly exclusively black tea for the mainstream market until recently. Assam ctc tea online in Madhya Pradesh is a relatively young tea, despite being widely popular and accessible. Only 200 years or so ago did India begin to produce tea.

Assam tea differs from other black teas in the following ways:

The plant used to make Assam tea is Camellia sinensis var. assamica, which is indigenous to that region.

The largest tea sector in India and the largest tea-growing region in the world, this region generates around 50% of all the tea consumed in India.

It has over 50, 000 tea growers who produce nearly 49 million kilos of tea each year. While some of them are little tea gardens devoted to artisan and specialty teas, others are larger estates that produce teas for the mass market.

Today, Assam tea is receiving considerably more respect and admiration due to a few small gardens. Up until recently, the majority of Assam tea was blended and mainly sold in tea bags.

Because of the growing popularity of loose leaf tea, Assam had the opportunity to showcase the full beauty and adaptability of its indigenous tea plant. Today, you may purchase fantastic white, oolong, or green tea produced in this area, which is frequently highly valued and distinctive. In any case, black tea finally received the chance it deserved.

There are two varieties of Assam tea.

In Assam, harvesting typically occurs four times annually, with the first and second harvests being the best. It\’s a low-grown tea that has undergone full oxidation, unlike Darjeeling. Orthodox tea and CTC tea are the two main varieties. Various categories of traditional Assam tea can be further subdivided based on the type of leaf used. Orthodox tea is produced using conventional techniques and is thought to be of greater quality than tea produced for tea bags. That isn\’t necessarily the case, though, as the ultimate quality will vary depending on a variety of elements, including the soil, climate, plant, type of leaf, harvesting period, processing techniques, and much more.

Black tea, known as CTC, or cut-tear-curl tea, is a style in which leaves are shaped into tiny pellets, similar to Simple Chai tea. Other varieties, such as green, white, oolong, pu-erh, or yellow tea, cannot be made with CTC.

What is the flavour of Assam tea?

Assam tea is frequently described as having a malty flavour and being full-bodied and robust. Full-bodied teas are typically associated with black tea and are described as being rich and nuanced. Assam tea is frequently utilised as an ingredient in tea blends in order to provide a stronger base and depth. The taste may be sharp, smoky, earthy, musky, and robust, or it may be milder with hints of chocolate, cocoa, or even something sweet and sour.

Assam tea from CTC will typically be more robust, crisp, malty, and possibly astringent. Instead of being available in loose leaf form, this sort of tea is typically found in tea bags. However, it\’s a fantastic base for chai teas or for teas that must be robust to withstand the scent of milk, sugar, and spices.

Caffeine content

Of all the black tea varieties, Assam black tea is typically said to contain the most caffeine. But not all Assam teas contain as much caffeine. The amount of caffeine in tea depends on the grade, kind of plant, time of harvest, and brewing technique. Tea bags with broken Assam dust may have more caffeine than loose leaf tea. Because of its potent flavour and high caffeine level, Assam is a preferred option for breakfast teas.

According to a study on the amount of caffeine in Indian teas, Assam unbroken loose-leaf tea contains the least amount of caffeine of any Indian black tea. The largest amounts were found in Assam orange pekoe and Assam ctc tea online in uttar Pradesh, more so than in Darjeeling or other Indian black teas.

Finally, choose Assam CTC or orange pekoe black tea if you want the cup with the highest caffeine and a robust, snappy flavour. Choose unbroken loose-leaf tea for the greatest advantages and a lighter cup.

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