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What is the ideal time to drink tea?

What is The Ideal Time to Drink Tea?

Tea – India’s most cherished beverage is also the most consumed one. However, health experts often remark that high consumption of tea can cause certain ailments. In the past few years, although people have been very careful about their tea consumption. Today, Maharani Chai, the leading chai patti brands in India, is here with the answer to this very question. Attention, tea lovers! Read on.

Deciphering the best time to drink tea
This question could be taken in a number of ways. It could mean when during the day, when during the year, on what occasions, and so on. So, let’s deal with this question in segments.

During the day
Tea contains caffeine, which can increase your energy. It also supports the digestive system. For most people, their energy tends to be lower after meals and in the morning. Based on that, it makes sense to drink tea right after a meal during the day. Most tea drinkers recommend doing so about fifteen to twenty minutes after a meal. There are also many benefits to having a cup of tea in the morning. However, since many of your favorite teas do contain caffeine, drinking tea usually isn’t recommended after dinner.
But if you find yourself longing for a hot cup of tea after your evening meal, try switching to an herbal blend. Herbal teas, such as chamomile, can help you wind down after a long day at work and can even help to promote a better night’s rest.

Seasonal Consumption
If you purchase fresh loose-leaf tea, then it’s going to make more sense to just drink it while it’s fresh. Many people choose this option because fresh tea tends to have more nutrients and tastes better. When you buy fresh green tea with lemon and honey, it’ll have a shelf-life of four months, while oolong can last for six months and black can last an entire year. Some people buy Assam tea online once winters kick in. Black tea has a longer shelf life because it’s fully oxidized, so it will last much longer than unoxidized teas.
In the case of winter, one should start consuming black tea especially Assam tea or the best Darjeeling tea online that are profound and robust. As the weather starts getting hot, you can switch to green tea since it comes with a healthy cooling effect.

During various stages of life
Tea has become an imperative part of our lives. But as we grow older, our tea consumption changes a lot. This is because our skin isn’t quite as thick as it was in our twenties and thirties. Collagen production slows to a crawl and in many cases, the skin can become almost paper-thin. This is why we tend to be more sensitive to the cold in our old age.

Old people are recommended not to consume green tea. They should consume teas that provide warmth to the body.

How often can I drink tea?
Since tea contains caffeine, it’s best to avoid drinking it after three or four in the afternoon. However, if you’re drinking herbal tea, then there’s no reason you can’t enjoy drinking it all day long. Most herbal teas contain very less amounts of caffeine. If you’re drinking tea that’s loaded with caffeine, then try to stick to three cups a day max. If you’re still getting craving tea, then switch to an herbal blend after your third cup.

So, this was all about drinking tea and tracking your consumption. Place an order of your favorite beverage at one of the best tea companies in India, Maharani Chai. Visit now.

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