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Is Daily Consumption of Milk Tea Healthy?

Is Daily Consumption of Milk Tea Healthy?

Tea is cherished as one of the most popular beverages in the world. And guess what, a variety of ingredients are accredited for this. One of these is milk. In some other parts of the world, tea is commonly consumed with milk. However, it’s unclear whether adding milk to tea provides additional benefits or instead interferes with the activity of tea compounds in your body. Today, Maharani Chai, the best tea brand in India, is here with yet another blog on whether milk should be added to tea or not.

Milk And Tea

While several kinds of tea may provide health benefits, green and the best Darjeeling tea in India are the most researched. Both are made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant but undergo different processing methods. These teas come with lower blood pressure, anticancer effects, and reduced cholesterol levels in both animal and human studies. On the other hand, milk is rich in nutrients, such as protein, calcium, and potassium, that are vital for optimal growth, body composition, and bone health.

Milk Tea

Well, milk tea is imply any tea variant that has milk added to it. While countries like Taiwan and Thailand have reserved this name for very complex teas, in India, it is more or less the regular cup of tea that almost every Indian consumes during the day. When compared to the best Assam tea in India or simply green tea, the appearance of milk tea is more appealing and hence, is usually welcomed with great enthusiasm by Indians. What’s even more intriguing is that the recipe for milk tea keeps on changing as you go from state to state, district to district, street to street, and household to household. That’s because some people add more sugar to add, some add herbs, some prefer a milkier version, and so on. As per health experts, such a cup of tea doesn’t hold much nutrition.
It has been seen that people often prefer drinking tea dodging the three very important meals of the day. While milk tea offers a significant calorie and carbohydrate boost, providing the body with energy, research suggests minimal milk tea benefits for overall health. Nutritionists believe that a cup of green milk tea might help you in lowering your blood pressure along with bad cholesterol. Hence, people with heart ailments should consume it. Apart from preventing some cardiovascular diseases and stroke, this tea contains antioxidants that help prevent harmful free radicals and possesses anti-cancer properties. However, not all milk tea recipes include green tea, so this effect may change if the recipe changes.
However, a cup of milk tea with too much sugar can be harmful. Consumption of sugary milk tea in large quantities can cause obesity, diabetes, liver diseases, and cognitive decline. Hence, it is recommended to eradicate the use of harmful sweeteners or sugar in your milk tea to a considerable extent. You can replace sugar with honey to retain the taste of your favorite beverage. In addition to that, Maharani Chai manufactures Honeylemon Green Tea which is the best tea in India because it has negligible sugar yet a very delicious taste. You can give it a try.

“Add milk to your tea. No, hang on!”, Says Science

Well, adding milk to tea depends on the type of tea. For instance, adding milk to a cup of green tea or the best Assam tea online might affect its compounds. Tea, especially black and green varieties as mentioned above, is rich in compounds that act as antioxidants and may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, among other benefits. Some studies suggest that adding milk to tea may inhibit the activity of these compounds, while others have observed the opposite effect. Additionally, most of the studies on milk and tea consumption include small sample sizes and have not included participants who regularly drink tea with milk over long periods. Thus, it’s unclear whether combining milk and tea is beneficial, although consuming tea, in general, has been more clearly linked to potential benefits.

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