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A Cup of Assam Tea is Just What You Need to Keep Active

A Cup of Assam Tea is Just What You Need to Keep Active

Harvested in the lush green tea gardens of Assan, Assam tea enjoys immense popularity due to its rich aroma, relatively easy preparation, and delicious malt-like flavor. It is also favored for its numerous health benefits. This is possible due to the fermentation process that the tea leaves go through, which oxidizes the leaves and results in their amazing aroma, color, and beneficial compounds. For the past few years, people are laying emphasis on consuming at least one cup of Assam tea every day on the pretext of beating their torpor and staying active. But is this scientifically true? Or is this some sort of trend? Maharani Chai, the manufacturer of the best high quality tea, is here with yet another blog on Assam tea and how it can help you in staying active.

All you need to know about Assam Tea
Assam Tea or other special Darjeeling tea online can be divided into two broad types based on the processing methods. These are CTC and Orthodox tea. Both of them are derived from the leaves of the same tea plant Camelia Sinensis.
The CTC tea is the Assam black tea produced by Crush, Tear & Curl method. The CTC method is a nearly automated and machinery-implemented method for mass-producing black tea. This process results in faster processing and high quantities of black teas are produced which results in keeping tea prices affordable. The leaves get crushed into small pellets. CTC tea has a strong and sharp taste, gets prepared quickly, and is generally accompanied by milk and sugar to balance the taste.
On the contrary, orthodox tea as the name suggests uses the traditional and mostly handmade process of tea production. This premium quality tea has a layered and smooth taste so it can be consumed without any whiteners or sugar. A well-brewed cup of orthodox tea is a treat in itself but you can add some drops of citrus to add some more freshness and vitamin C.
Now, the question is how a cup of Assam tea will keep you active. Let’s see some benefits of consuming it in the subsequent section.

Benefits of Assam tea
Be it CTC or Orthodox, drinking Assam tea is supposed to have several health benefits. These include:
Give yourself the morning push.
Following a hectic routine can get on your nerves. In such cases, consuming a proper diet or taking quality sleep doesn’t help much. This is where a cup of the best Assam tea online tea comes in. It can not only give you the desired caffeine intake but will energize you. Kick all the fatigue out of your body with Assam tea.
Boost immunity and say goodbye to inflammation
Assam tea is a nutrient powerhouse. It contains antioxidants and important minerals including iron, calcium, copper, and magnesium. It also has antioxidants that prevent free radical activity in the body, make you look younger, and also increase the body’s immunity.
Prevent weight gain with a cup of Assam tea.
Assam black tea is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols which help in metabolizing fat to energy and also prevent fat tissue accumulation. Black tea has minimum calories and by drinking it you will feel fuller and thus consume fewer calories. All these help in weight loss in a good way than dieting can ever do.
It possesses anti-cancer properties.
Assam black teas as we mentioned earlier have high amounts of flavonoids and polyphenols and other beneficial compounds and minerals. All these may help in the prevention of certain cancers like lung, skin, and breast cancer.
Keep blood sugar in check.
Black tea also helps in lowering blood sugar. If consumed without sugar and milk it helps in lowering insulin resistance. Squeeze a lemon in this preparation to get more benefits.
Enhance your brain and heart health.
Studies have shown that drinking three cups of black tea daily reduces the risk of brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Scientific studies further show that drinking 3 to 6 cups of black tea daily reduces the risk of heart disease.

Hence, Assam tea, the best premium tea is a good healthy, and flavorful brew. It is a better option for your daily caffeine kick than other energy drinks. Maharani Chai is known for manufacturing the best-quality Assam tea which is known for its aroma, flavor, and health benefits. Buy Assam tea online by placing your orders now at

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