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Green Leaf Tea: Winter Digestive Drink

Green Leaf Tea: Winter Digestive Drink

Tea and digestion share a stalwart relationship with each other. Our ancestors have well-emphasised on the consumption of tea to maintain a healthy bowel. Out of a variety of teas available to us, green tea leaf is known as the perfect winter digestive drink. Wondering how? Let’s explore the benefits green tea brings to your bowel in this very article by Maharani Chai:

  • Promotes weight loss and boosts metabolism.

Drinking Maharani green tea leaf can help boost metabolism by preventing enzymes that build fat. We recommend drinking it plain, but if you enjoy sweeter teas, then it is okay to add a little bit of sweetener to your tea. Maharani Chai has introduced Maharani green leaf tea – honeylemon to give a pump up to the regular green tea. Try it out now!

  • With a healthy bowel, enhance your focus.

We cannot deny the fact that an upset stomach intervenes with our focus levels. Because of its caffeine content, Maharani gold leaf tea helps in enhancing cognitive skills as well as one’s concentration, thanks to its digestive properties. If you are sensitive to caffeine then you should only drink one cup of strong tea a day, or limit it to a few times a week.

  • Keeps your bowel happy!

A cup of Maharani green leaf tea a day can help with digestion. It reduces inflammation of the gut, helps clear the digestive tract, and reduces the effects of acid reflux in people who are sensitive to caffeine. Thus, it keeps your bowel happy

  • Beat fat gain with a cup of Maharani gold leaf tea.

The winter invariably comes with food cravings – the fatty, greasy and high carb foods. It may be due to lower temperatures, calling for our bodies to keep itself warm by working harder on its metabolism. This tussle, in most cases leads to weight gain. In addition, winter brings festivities, travelling, traditions of cooking delicacies and feel good vibes. Everyone let go of their diets. Comes to rescue – Darjeeling tea! Pick green or black tea. Be sure it will help you decrease food cravings, increase metabolism, better your digestion & and helps break down that perpetual fatty meal. Buy Maharani green tea now and keep fat-gain at bay.

  • No stomach issues with this high quality green tea.

Stomach problems can become fatal, not kidding. There have been countless incidents where patients die of stomach ulcers or stomach cancer. Guess what, even constipation can prove dangerous to your life. But what does tea have to do with it? Tea enhances the digestion process and can be used to cure a variety of ailments, including nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhea. Tea also includes tannins, which have been demonstrated to help reduce inflammation in the intestine. This can aid in the relief of stomach pains and the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. Maharani gold leaf tea is laced with antioxidants  which can relieve stomach discomfort. 

  • Keep obesity at bay and longevity as close as possible with a cup of tea.

It is well-known that obesity is the breeding ground for innumerable diseases including Type-2 diabetes, heart ailments, gallbladder issues and to name a few. If one wishes to live longer, then one needs to keep obesity albeit all these diseases at bay. Green tea leaf includes amino acids that tell the body to burn fat that has been accumulated making the drinker lose weight considerably. Wish to reduce weight? Try Maharani Green Tea – Natural. It may aid in weight loss. 
So, these were some of the most lucrative benefits that a cup of green tea can fetch to our digestive system. Wish to encash them? Place your order for Maharani green tea order online at

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