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Can Tea Help in Balancing Hormones?

Can Tea Help in Balancing Hormones?

In this fast-paced world, hormonal imbalances have become a dime-a-dozen. Apart from a sedentary lifestyle, our eating habits, work-life imbalance, and a lot of other factors pave the way to this. While medical science does provide a plethora of treatments to help you with hormonal imbalance, they might come up with side effects or might be too exorbitant to afford. So, what should one do? Well, how about resorting to your favorite beverage? No, not beer, we meant ‘tea’. Shocked? Well, in this blog, Maharani Chai, the maker of the best tea in India, will be answering the most hyped question – can tea help in balancing hormones? So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start reading. 

Hormones & their Levels in the Human Body

First things first, let’s understand. Well, hormones are chemical signals produced by our bodies. They play a vital role in keeping our internal systems working as they should and influence everything from our reproductive systems to our metabolism. 

Our hormone levels naturally fluctuate throughout our lives, so it is normal to experience variations. Sometimes, our bodies get out of balance and start to produce too much or too little of a particular hormone. Even small changes like this can cause havoc on our health. Mood swings, weight gain, skin issues, insomnia, low libido – there are plenty of unwanted side effects of hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, it can even be an indicator of a serious condition like diabetes or an autoimmune disease. While medical consultation is always recommended, sometimes minuscule changes in your lifestyle can help you cope with this imbalance. It could be losing weight, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and managing your stress levels can all help keep your hormones balanced. 

What does your favorite beverage have to do with this?

Well, tea won’t cure hormone imbalance on its own. However, as we mentioned, it can help you in bringing about these minuscule changes which have many health benefits for the female body. And guess what, some of the leading health experts do agree that tea can help one in curbing hormonal imbalance. 

With numerous tea brands and types available, selecting the right one to alleviate hormonal imbalance can be challenging, but exploring blue tea benefits might offer a solution. Which tea works best to balance your hormones will wholly depend on what issues you are experiencing and what is causing them. Maharani Chai, the best chai in India, has compiled a list of teas that can be consumed in order to restore hormonal balance in your body. It is recommended to have a medical consultation, in case, you have a past medical history of hormonal imbalance.

  • Maharani Green Tea – Honey Lemon – To Sleep Better

Unsweetened beverages are often too bitter to gulp. To lessen the bitterness, you can try this new variant of green tea offered by Maharani Chai. Sip green tea pumped with honey lemon making it more delectable and flavourful than ever. It helps to restore our sense of calm and helps in inducing better sleep. It can also help to soothe worries and ease you into a restful night’s sleep. Try Maharani Green Tea – Honey lemon via tea online shopping in Madhya Pradesh now and sleep sound.

  • Maharani Green Tea – Natural – To balance Insulin, the glucose-regulating hormone

An imbalance in insulin levels can lead to high blood sugar levels and, eventually, type 2 diabetes. In order to help balance your insulin sensitivity, one is recommended to consume Maharani Green Tea – Natural. 

Guess what, this is a wonderful beverage that can be consumed by diabetic people as well. Filled with antioxidants that can increase metabolism, and keep weight gain at bay with a sweet essence but not actual sugar., this is a best-seller. Buy Maharani Green Tea – Natural via tea online shopping in Uttar Pradesh now and consume tea with utmost joy.

  • Maharani Green Tea – To balance Cortisol, the stress hormone

Produced by our adrenal glands, the cortisol hormone is responsible for launching our bodies into ‘fight-or-flight’ mode. When your heart starts racing and your body feels primed to act, it is cortisol that has come into play. Since cortisol also inhibits insulin production, high levels of this hormone can eventually put us at risk of high blood sugar levels, weight gain, and even diabetes. In order to balance this stress hormone and help our bodies cope better with challenging times, one can consume Maharani Green Tea. It will keep you relaxed and will rejuvenate your senses. Buy your perfect stress-buster now.

So, these were some of the best tea brands online in Uttarakhand that can help one in restoring their hormonal balance. Now, you can get the best Assam Tea from Maharani Chai at

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