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Here's Why Assam Teas Make for a Great Breakfast Cup!

Here’s Why Assam Teas Make for a Great Breakfast Cup!

Assam tea has a far and wide reach in the world, albeit in India. Cultivated in the special tea gardens of Assam, it is a robust and malty beverage that has got the title of “Irish breakfast tea”. This has earmarked the consumption of Assam CTC tea online in Madhya Pradesh as being ideal for breakfast. Well, this is just one reason. In this blog, Maharani Chai will tell you why Assam tea makes a great breakfast cup. So, pick up your cups and get, set for an energized reading.

Anything and everything you need to know about Assam Tea
Courtesy of the Indian state of Assam, in the North-Eastern part of India, tea lovers can enjoy a strong yet flavorsome cup to start their day! Blessed with misty green plains and with good rainfall, the tea gardens in Assam have a rich history of catering to various audiences with its varying forms. What makes the Assam tea stand apart from the rest is its unique ‘malty’ character and strong flavor which can be tasted when it is had with milk as well. The relatively higher quantity of caffeine in Assam tea leaves makes it an ideal strong cup for breakfast. With a distinct malty taste and delightfully robust tannic flavors, Assam CTC tea online in Uttar Pradesh has garnered a niche reputation for itself in the world of teas.

Your Ultimate Breakfast Tea
Spread across both sides of the mighty Brahmaputra river, the loamy soil bed of Assam is flushed with rich nutrients from the river, every year through flash floods. This event, in addition to several other parameters, is what lends the exquisite malty flavor to Assam tea. In fact, it is the river Brahmaputra that defines the difference between the Chinese and Assamese variants of tea, giving Assam tea online in Uttarakhand the label of “world’s best breakfast tea”. But tea sommeliers accredit other factors too:

The robust kick in.
Either because of office work or because of your kid’s Science project or that brand-new Netflix web series, one tends to sleep late and wake up late and all cranky. In such situations, all you need is a cup of robust Assam tea leaves in Uttar Pradesh, which is capable of wicking away your lethargy as well as low energy level.

Goes well with milk.
Unlike herbal teas and other black teas, Assam tea leaves in Madhya Pradesh can go well with a dash of milk. The roasted black tea from Assam is rich in tannins, which lend a very pungent and overwhelming characteristic to the tea. Adding milk to the cup, not only does it mask the excessively strong flavor, but also becomes sweeter on the palate. And hence, delicious! Unlike Darjeeling Tea, which is astringent in nature, Assam Tea works very well with a dash of milk. And this is something that makes it ideal to be sipped for breakfast.

The gut connection.
Assam’s tea online in Uttarakhand is known to have exceptional digestion properties. It promotes gut health by supporting the growth and maintenance of healthy gut bacteria. Those who drink this tea will find improvement in their digestion and immunity against harmful, illness-causing bacteria. Healthy gut bacteria also help improve other bodily functions to make you healthier.

Boosts the brain to function well.
Morning is the hour of rush and high productivity. If one gets to sip tea that enhances the brain to function more effectively, one will be able to cope up with personal as well as professional tasks in a much better manner.

Sounds great, right? Try Assam tea now and rejuvenate your mornings. Buy Darjeeling tea online in Uttar Pradesh at now.

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