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Can I Take Tea After Eating Fish?

Can I Take Tea After Eating Fish?

While tea has been the most cherished beverage in India, fish has been regarded as the most succulent seafood available. While both of these are flavorful, and aromatic and come with umpteen health benefits, combining them together might mess up your digestive system. Or not? A majority of people in our country often wonder if they can have tea along with fish. If you are one of them, then you have arrived at the right place. Maharani Chai, the best tea brand in India, is here with a blog on whether one can consume tea after eating fish. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Common Belief

In South Asia and India, the common belief is that it’s safe to drink Assam CTC tea online in Uttar Pradesh after a meal of fish. While some of this wisdom is based on sound science, other people believe it is a myth. While the practice of drinking tea after eating fish is common in India and South Asia, it’s not always recommended. There is an ancient belief in South Asia and India that milk should not be consumed after eating fish. This idea stems from Ayurvedic medicine, which states that milk causes heartburn. In addition, drinking milk two hours after a meal of fish could result in skin pigmentation. However, despite the common myth, drinking milk as well as the best Darjeeling tea in India after fish is perfectly safe and does not have any negative effects on the body.

What Ayurveda has to say about it?

Milk and fish don’t mix, but drinking tea after a meal of fish can have negative effects. According to Ayurveda, it is best to wait at least four hours after eating fish to avoid possible adverse reactions. The two foods also have different compositions. If the fish is white, it should be ok to consume the best tea brand in India after eating fish. But if you’ve eaten chicken, you should wait 4 hours before you drink any milk. The chemistry of milk and fish is not the same, and the cooling effect of water can affect it. In fact, Ayurvedic experts recommend avoiding milk after eating fish. While both beverages are high in protein, they’re not compatible with each other and may cause undesirable reactions. However, if you’re allergic to either one, you can drink the best Assam tea in India after fish – it’s fine to take both.

Final verdict on the best Tea brand in Uttar Pradesh and fish

As per nutritionists, Assam tea leaves in Uttar Pradesh and fish are not antagonistic foods. Both contain cooling and heating effects. So, drinking tea after a meal of fish may lead to a chemical imbalance in the body. While there is no scientific evidence to support the belief that tea and fish do not mix well, many nutritionists believe that consuming them together is not recommended. However, some studies indicate that people can consume white tea after a meal of fish since it has properties that maintain the taste of fish in your mouth as well as give you the warmth and solace that a cup of your favorite beverage provides you with. You can opt for tea online shopping in Uttar Pradesh with Maharani Chai. At the end of the day, it can be said that if you are unsure about whether it is safe to drink tea after a meal of fish, consult with your doctor before deciding to eat fish.

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