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3 Points to Consider When Buying Tea Online

3 Points to Consider When Buying Tea Online

Buying tea online can be seamless and convenient but at the same time, it is very confusing. Remember all the times when you have switched between the tabs of the best Assam tea and that herbal tea, or the times when you have been befuddled to order a honey lemon flavored high quality green tea or the jasmine one? Well, we get you. Today, Maharani Chai is here with three terrific points that anyone and everyone should consider when buying the best high quality tea online. So, hang tight and read till the end.

  1. Loose tea or tea bags?

This should be the first thing that should be considered before buying any tea online. Usually, a tea is available as loose powdered tea leaves or tea bags. Loose-leaf tea is generally a higher quality tea because it is made with whole or partial tea leaves. In contrast, the tea in tea bags is often made from the broken bits of leaves left over from the production of loose-leaf tea. 

Among these, loose tea is more popular in India. Usually, it is the packaging method that helps in preserving the smell and taste of the leaves. Tea bags are also quite popular as they are available in small batches. They are ideal when one is traveling or when you can’t spare time for making tea.

  1. What type of tea are you looking for? Ask yourself.

This stands out to be one of the prime factors for picking up tea online. When we talk about tea, there is a generous mention of aroma, flavor, color, way of making it, consumption time, etc. You need to figure out which type of tea you prefer. Is it a healthy cup of green tea that you will prefer to consume for giving a good headstart to your day? Or a cup of Kashmiri Noon tea that can be consumed daily in the morning and afternoons? Or the very robust and malty deep-ruby-colored Assam tea? Before you hastily buy Darjeeling tea online, make sure that it is in accordance with your taste and preference. 

In order to land upon your taste and preference when it comes to a cup of tea, figure out what is more appealing to you – vision, smell, or taste. Out of all the five senses present in our body, there is always this one sense organ whose reception appeals to us the most. Try figuring it which sense organ reception is the most appealing one for you. It can also be an amalgamation of all three – vision, smell, and taste.

  1. What does it bring to your health?

Instead of choosing any random online tea product in India, consider its health benefits first. You can easily overcome the stressful effects of dehydration by choosing something which can rehydrate you. Enjoying a cup of warm tea is a very calm and relaxing experience. It is why people often fail to notice the health benefits the tea variety offers. Teas like green tea and black tea often come with a plethora of health benefits. You can boost your health and wellness by placing a  green tea order online. Consuming them can help one in keeping obesity, stomach ailment, and heart issues at bay. On the other hand, herbal teas have a soothing effect on the mind. They can help you in relieving stress as well as anxiety. You can buy Assam tea online if you wish to enjoy a tender yet profound beverage that takes you to the tea gardens of Assam. 

Believe it or not, no amount of detail in a written description of a tea can ever replace the pleasure of tasting it first-hand. By seeing it, smelling it, and tasting it, one can garner out-of-the-world impressions. If you wish to experiment and see which is “the tea” for you, you can reach out to the best tea in India Maharani Chai at

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