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Should you Drink Tea after Eating Fruits?

Should you Drink Tea after Eating Fruits?

Mankind has been cherishing their cups of tea as well as their fruit platters as breakfast delights. With lifestyles changing and our tongues craving for newer amalgamations, some of us tend to consume our favorite tea beverage after consuming fruit. But is this healthy? Today, Maharani Chai, one of the best tea companies in India, is here with yet another blog on whether one should consume tea after having fruits or not. Stick to us for a while to fetch the answer to your doubt.

Should we combine the two breakfast delights?
Drinking tea after eating any fruit depends on the type of fruit you have consumed. There is no doubt that fruits are one of your best health companions that effectively help meet the nutritional requirement of the body.
But what about consuming tea after gorging upon a splendid spread of fruits? Well, the timing of fruit consumption is an important aspect to get the maximum benefits out of it. Some fruits are very high in citric acid and so drinking an acidic tea, for example, different versions of black tea and green tea might cause too much acidity in your body. However, for a majority of fruits, a cup of black or herbal tea stands out to be the best companion for post-consumption. You can buy Assam tea online for the same.
The only possible negative nutritional impact is that there are some pieces of evidence that drinking tea after fruit consumption might inhibit iron absorption, but even it is unlikely to be the issue of main concern for most tea lovers out there. And even if it is there, it would not be an issue with fruits because most of them contain vitamin C that enhances iron absorption, nor it tends to be high in vitamin C to start with. So, are there any ideal pairs of our beloved breakfast delights? Scroll down to keep reading.

The best amalgamation: Fruits and Tea
Many fruits are acidic in nature. You do not want to experience acidity in your digestive system. This rule of thumb has given us some of the best fruit and tea amalgamations. For fruits like mangoes, strawberries, oranges, blueberries, etc. that have a high acid level, post-consumption, one can drink green tea or white tea. Green tea is preferred since it has antioxidants that are capable of providing relief to the stomach. Maharani Chai, one of the leading chai patti brands in India is known for producing the most refreshing green teas. A cup of Maharani Green Tea with lemon and honey can be best paired with acidic fruits.
On the other hand, fruits such as bananas and peaches that have a relatively low acidic content can be paired best with Maharani Tea Time or Maharani Darjeeling Loose Leaf tea, the best Darjeeling tea online. Almost all fruits can be best paired with cold teas or iced teas. This is because it has low acidic content.

Finally, fruits are popular foods for breakfast and so is tea. Even if you are not a tea lover, having a high consumption of tea after eating fruits is not recommended. Start a little slowly, choose a tea in a day, and continue searching on how each drink makes you feel after you have consumed fruits. Tea is a wonderful drink that offers a number of benefits and numerous possibilities for exploration. And with fruits, can be even more desirable for taste buds as well as for our health and wellness. So, one may have tea after eating the fruit, which clearly indicates that the tea is good to consume after eating fruits.

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