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Best way to store loose assam tea leaves for long time

Best Way to Store Loose Assam Tea Leaves for Long Time

Who doesn’t like to sip on a hot cup of tea? Now, in order to enjoy a cool beverage, one must use loose leaf blends and properly store them. Tea’s natural flavour and taste can be preserved for a long time with proper storage. The blend will lose its flavour if not stored properly, and the resulting liquor will taste unpleasant.

As tea enthusiasts, we have all encountered the challenge of storing tea to maintain its freshness and flavour. Every word you are about to read will make your life a little more enjoyable if you are an expert tea drinker with an unquenchable desire for new brews.

Other than stuffing the kitchen shelf full of individual storage bags, there are other ways to store tea. Here are some fantastic ways to store loose-leaf blends of Darjeeling and Assam tea.

Here are the things to think about when keeping your tea:

Consider the Shelf Life

The shelf life of black loose leaf tea is around 18 months, that of tea bags is 24 months, and that of paper bags is 2 years. Green loose leaf tea has an average shelf life of 18 months, after which it gradually loses flavour. White loose-leaf tea typically has a shelf life of one year or less. Drink the beer as soon as possible after making it to maximise its freshness.

Maintain It In Dry Places

Teas’ shelf life can be severely shortened by moisture. You must keep them dry and free from too much moisture. It’s not as simple as keeping the leaves away from liquids to keep your tea storage dry. Tea absorbs moisture. It will consequently take in moisture from the surrounding air. The most straightforward approach to this issue is to use airtight loose leaf tea storage containers.

Keep it away from light and heat.

The quality of tea can be lowered by heat and light. Do not place your tea in areas that receive direct sunlight. Loose tea should be kept in an airtight ceramic tea storage container or resealable zipper bag. Keep your tea storage container out of the path of heat-emitting appliances like stoves and in a dark cupboard to block off light. Glass tea storage jars also function, but only if they are kept in a drawer or cupboard that is well-lit.

Keep it away from strong-flavored items.

Ensure that it is kept away from anything with a strong flavour or odour. Teas have a way of absorbing flavours and fragrances from everything in their environment. As a result of this, you should keep various tea kinds separate. If you are keeping them all together in a cupboard or drawer, keep them separate and in airtight containers to prevent them from absorbing flavours and scents from one another.

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