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Why is Darjeeling Chai First Flush So Green in Appearance

Why is Darjeeling Chai First Flush So Green in Appearance?

Darjeeling, the very famous tea-growing region of West Bengal, produces premium quality tea leaves every year that has many unique qualities. Darjeeling special chai, if we must say, is classified as black tea but appears green in its first flush, which confuses people in understanding its qualities and everything about it. The experts have talked about this feature multiple times in a detailed manner.

Let’s find out the reasons behind its green appearance here, as suggested by experts.

The Manufacturing Process

It is said that the green colour of this first flush is because of their manufacturing process. Let’s discuss this in detail.

First flush leaves of Darjeeling wither by 60-65% after they are plucked and taken to the factory. And, as they are spring blooms which are soft, these leaves are rolled for 10-15minutes under light pressure. Just after that, the leaves are dried in the drying chamber that is sorted & packed without any fermentation or oxidation, which keeps their colour intact and gives them a green appearance rather than the black one.

However, this little oxidation method is unconventional to the Indian tea-making system, which thus still calls this tea black tea.

But this is not the case with the second flush as they are juicier and harder, rolled for higher time and fermented & oxidised properly for hours. Because of this, the second flush is darker in colour.

This aspect of Darjeeling special leaf tea was introduced by Germans during their influence in the 60s-70s to give a different approach to tea production in India, keeping the flavour & aroma fresher and better.

Benefits of Drinking Darjeeling Special Chai –

Rich in Antioxidants

The first flush is highly rich in antioxidants which prevent ageing and improve cell formation. It also increases bone density making bones stronger and healthier. You can buy this first flush special Darjeeling tea online from the Maharani Chai website to get such benefits without any hustle.

Improves Immunity & Prevents Cancer

The first flush has a the anine compound that improves the immune system of a human’s body and helps them fight against common flu and infections easily. It also lowers the risk of heart problems by maintaining & increasing the blood flow in the body.

On the other hand, this Darjeeling special chai is rich in Polyphenols that restrict tumour formation or any development of unwanted cells in the body.

Improves Metabolism

Even though the first flush is soft and fresh, it contains a decent amount of caffeine that gives you a high boost to perform your tasks better. And to all those who remain health conscious or focus on weight loss more, drinking first flush tea can do wonders.

However, there are quick tips that you need to follow to keep this magical tea benefits intact and fresh and gain the maximum benefits out of it.

Quick Tips –

  • Always store the tea in an air-tight container and away from direct sunlight.
  • Drinking tea without milk and sweetener gives the highest health benefit and results.
  • Buy only authentic tea. Buying Darjeeling tea online can be a task due to the duplicacy and authenticity issue. But you can surely rely on Maharani Chai varieties as we handpick our tea leaves delicately, importing them at the optimum temperature and selling only the fresh and well-reaped leaves to every tea and non-tea lover.

Now that you know everything about the Darjeeling first flush along with its benefits, buy your packet of wholesomeness and freshness to make your everyday morning feel like a weekend.

Happy Drinking!

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