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Tea Time Bliss: Where to Find Authentic Assam Tea in Indore

Tea Time Bliss: Where to Find Authentic Assam Tea in Indore

One of the most popular tea beverages of the world is the Assam tea. Brimming with a flavourful taste and a ruby red color, this tea fits well on your breakfast platter and is called the “Irish Breakfast tea”. With the tea leaves born and brought up in the lush green tea estates of Assam, one is likely to taste the robustness and tenderness of this beverage in every sip. Today, umpteen tea manufacturers are marketing their Assam teas as premium quality tea which has affected the authenticity of Assam tea to a great degree. So, where to find authentic Assam tea? Down below:

  • Ghograjan Tea Estate “Farm2Cup” Assam Black Tea

One feature valued in today’s tea market is single-estate origin. Single-estate means neither raw tea leaves nor finished tea is blended with products from other tea estates. A one-pound packet of excellent black tea from Assam, India, grown and manufactured by the family-run Ghograjan Tea Estate. Thus, there are no middlemen involved in the production of this tea. The tea is shipped directly from the farm via a US distributor and then to the tea drinker. Farm 2 Cup is what the company calls Assam Tea in Jabalpur.

  • Maharani High CTC Assam Tea

The flavourful aroma and taste of Maharani High CTC Assam tea remains unrivaled and undisputable, thanks to our tea sommeliers. This Assam Tea in Indore stands out for its full-bodied flavor profile, setting it apart from other teas. Careful plucking of the tips or unopened shoots/buds and withering thereof are essential. The tips contain the highest proportion of the compounds that bring flavor to a cup. And this is one of the hallmark traits of this royal tea brand. It is notably strong in taste and its robustness makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer a hearty cup of tea. In addition to this, they are also known for manufacturing the best Darjeeling tea in Madhya Pradesh

  • Tea India CTC Black Tea

Many tea lovers want a budget-friendly tea that’s reliably tasty yet respects wallet sizes. Finding such an Assam Tea in Satna is probably the biggest challenge because low-end teas are usually poor quality and not worth the pittance they cost. Here’s a budget tea with quality for you. Tea India sources Assam-grown tea leaves and uses the CTC method in Indian factories. It then exports dried teas to the US for blending, packing, and shipping. Their motto is “Born in India & Made in the Americas,” which refers more to the enterprise’s spirit than manufacturing details. It’s not as crisp and bright as other Assams reviewed here, but it has many uses when budgets are tight. As a result, it has emerged as the most budget-friendly Assam Tea in Jabalpur.

  • Vahdam Premium Organic Assam CTC Black Tea

Vahdam’s Assam black tea is manufactured into pellets by the cut, tear, and curl (CTC) method.

Not all single-estate tea suppliers are also tea farmers. This Assam Tea in Satna is not made out of processed tea leaves. Instead, Vahdam purchases teas from each of several estates located in Assam and then contracts with other parties to process the leaf. Securing single-estate status is thus a matter of careful tracking of leaves from each Assam estate to the finished batch of tea.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of your favorite Assam Tea in Indore now!

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