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Tea Connoisseur's Guide: Best Places for Assam Tea in Gorakhpur

Tea Connoisseur’s Guide: Best Places for Assam Tea in Gorakhpur

One of the most cherished beverages of the world is the Assam tea. With its robust and malty flavor, it offers the perfect rejuvenating boost to the mind and the body. Given the array of manufacturers producing Assam tea, it is difficult to pick the one that serves the best of the lot. But what if you simply stroll through some of the best places where this tea is born and raised? Sounds intriguing, right? In this blog post, Maharani Chai, the manufacturer of the best Assam tea in Gorakhpur, will be gallivanting along with you through some of the best tea estates producing Assam tea.

  • Manohari Tea Estate

The first one to make it to our list of best tea gardens in Assam is Manohari Tea Estate. Bringing your fresh cup of morning tea since the British era, this renowned tea estate is settled in the upper region of Assam at an elevation of 390 ft above sea level along the Indian-Burmese border. The estate is spread across an area of 1800 acres and 1000 acres is covered with tea bushes. Throughout all these decades, the quality and the rich aroma of the tea leaves harvested by Manohari Tea Estate are unmatched. You can order their special Darjeeling tea online

  • Assamica Agro Organic Farm

Known for the best Darjeeling tea in Uttar Pradesh, the Assamica Agro Organic farm has redefined the tea experience with its ethical and natural tea leaves produced by the organic tea farmers in Assam. The tea cultivated by the farm makes a healthy cup of tea, as they are free from pesticides and other chemicals. And this is the reason why they enjoy the reputation of manufacturing the best Assam Tea in Prayagraj. Among all the tea estates in Assam, this organic farm produces chemical-free aromatic brewed tea leaves and also focuses on enhancing the livelihood of the farmers.

  • Sonapur Tea Estate

Going beyond the surreal beauty of tea estates in Assam, the Sonapur tea estate will take you to Guwahati which is known as the heart of the North-East. Established by the Britishers in early 1924, this tea estate has been taken over by the three generations of the Bhaduri Family. Spreading the strong brew of their high-quality CTC tea, this estate started its journey by producing Orthodox tea in the initial years. Place an order for their special Darjeeling tea online to experience unparalleled flavor.

  • Ghograjan Tea Estate

Taking the legacy of the 5th generation, this tea estate was started in the early 1930s when the first seeds were sown alongside the Ghagra River. The name “Ghograjan” is derived from this river as locally it means “small river”. Spread across an area of 350 acres, this tea estate has gained trust with its quality in producing CTC and the finest Orthodox Assam Tea in Prayagraj.

  • Joonktollee Tea Estate

Holding the single largest factory of the best Darjeeling black tea in the North East, the Joonktollee tea estate is spread across an area of 1867.98 acres among which 1202.82 acres are used for plantation. Situated in the Barbam district of Assam, this tea estate has been SGS, UK for the production and manufacture of CTC, Orthodox, and Green Tea. It is amongst the best tea gardens in Assam. 

Worth visiting, right? But before you start packing, how about a malty cup of Assam tea? Place your order now for a flavourful cup of the best Assam Tea in Gorakhpur from none other than Maharani Chai at

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