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Tea Coolers To Beat The Heat

The temperatures are on the rise and the heat waves soaring. All we can think about now is a cool drink to beat the heat. A nice ice cooler that will soothe our mind, body, and soul. How about ice coolers? A combination of taste and health, tea coolers are an all-time favorite of tea lovers who never want to let go of their tea even in this scorching heat. In fact, tea coolers are a total hit amongst the non-tea drinkers as well. This will keep you well-hydrated as well. Following are 5 green tea coolers which are the best homemade, refreshing coolers to provide you instant relief from the deadly heat and also keep the body healthy. These easy to make recipes will leave you feeling refreshed.

  1. Hibiscus Iced tea: Hibiscus is appetizing as well as nutritious. Its enticing red color and refreshing flavor appeal to everyone making it a renowned drink the world over. It has a sweet taste and a fruity flavor which relaxes your mind and lowers the blood pressure. Hibiscus Iced Tea is the perfect drink to keep you naturally cool this summer season.
  2. Orange Green Tea: This scorching summer season is the best time to go for a zesty orange green tea. This is Darjeeling green tea blended well with orange peels, a natural flavor of orange and lemongrass. This results in an unmatched combination of hydrating and cooling effects in the body in this torrid heat, leaving a tangy and calming effect. For this, you can buy Darjeeling tea online  at our store Maharani Chai.
  3. Lemon Mint Green Tea: This Refreshing recipe is made for a cooler experience in summer, curated by blending the classic ingredients, lemon, mint, green tea with a dash of infused ginger. It has a strong tangy flavor and this delectable drink can be had on a regular basis.
  4. Chamomile Iced Tea: Chamomile helps induce sleep and reduces insomnia. Chamomile tea is derived from daisy-like flowers. This is a great hydrating beverage for a lazy summer afternoon.
  5. Aam Panna Iced Tea: This is the ultimate combination to beat the summer heat. This flavor is certain to satiate your thirst in this heat wave that has taken the country by storm. The perfect blend of tea and kaccha mangoes is a taste to die for.

This summer, try these intriguing tea blends to keep yourself cool and hydrated. These are not just coolers but a great way to include antioxidants in our diet and help our digestive system. Place your order today from our e-commerce website             


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