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Six Reasons You Should have Assam CTC Tea in Winters

Six Reasons You Should have Assam CTC Tea in Winters

The Assam tea made from the special Assamese variety of tea found in Assam, India is highly-reputable around the globe. This is because this beverage has a profound yet malty taste. In addition to that, it gives the desired morning push shooing away your morning blues as well as lethargy. And that’s why this Assamese beverage is also known as the “Irish breakfast tea”. Apart from the flavourful aroma it carries, a cup of Assam CTC tea online in Uttar Pradesh also comes with umpteen benefits that make it the ideal winter beverage. Today, Maharani Chai will tell you all about them in this article. So, without any further ado, let’s pick our cups and start reading.

A cup of Assam tea can keep your body warm.
Winters is all about the icy-cold mornings and the chilly nights. In such a season, if you end up getting frostbite, then everything around you might slow down – your business progress, that important office report, or your daughter’s birthday preparation. So, the best and quickest way to prevent your body from getting frostbite and to keep your body warm is to have a cup of fresh Assam CTC tea. Place your order now with Maharani Chai and enjoy the warmth emitted by Assam tea leaves in Uttar Pradesh.

Make your skin glow by consuming Assam CTC tea every day.
We all need fair and glowing skin. Unfortunately, it comes at an exorbitant price. You have tons and tons of cosmetic surgical treatments, cosmetics, creams, and whatnot. However, dermatologists out there have just discovered the easiest way to make your skin glow. And that is with the help of Assam CTC tea. The antioxidants present in this beverage can help in cleansing the skin, thus increasing its glow and fairness. So, what are you waiting for? Add a natural glow to your skin with Assam CTC tea online in Uttar Pradesh.

Help your body in fighting infections and inflammations.
With the pandemic again luring over our heads, it’s important to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones against the incidences of infections and inflammations. Nothing can serve the purpose well than a cup of Assam CTC tea. The compounds present in this beverage are highly-beneficial in providing the desired support to the White Blood Cells (WBCs) present in our bloodstream which fight-off bacteria and viruses. So, strengthen your immunity with Assam CTC tea.

Drink Assam CTC tea to keep your teeth healthy.
With winters being full of piping hot halwas, it’s pretty easy to neglect your oral health. As per some creditable medical surveys, it has been found out that every 5 in 10 people have an ailing oral condition. Lucky you, Assam tea leaves in Madhya Pradesh are here. A cup of Assam CTC tea can keep your teeth healthy and away from the dreaded claws of cavities, plaque, and sensitivity, and name a few.

Protect yourself from cold and cough with Assam tea.
Winters are also known as the “flu season”. With people sniffling, coughing, and sneezing around you, it’s pretty easy to catch a cold. So, in order to protect yourself, one can consume Assam tea online in Uttarakhand. The elements present in this beverage keep cold, cough, and viral away from the drinker. Thus, you stay happy and healthy.

Improve mental alertness by consuming Assam tea every day.
In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose sight and end up snoring in between an important task. You can forget what was next on your to-do list, leave the gas open because of that excel sheet report your boss asked for abruptly, and worst of all, you can forget your best friend’s birthday. With Assam tea, now, you can be more alert at that MS Teams interview, a Zoom team meeting, and a WhatsApp video call birthday celebration.

Sounds great, no? Warm your winters with a cup of Assam CTC tea. Place your order now at

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