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Keep Warm and Boost Your Health This Winter With Treasure Tea Box

Keep Warm and Boost Your Health This Winter With Treasure Tea Box

It is overwhelming to know that India is the largest producer of tea in the world. In addition to that, India consumes about 70% of the tea it produces. This makes India the most popular beverage here. Given its popularity, tea can be a wonderful gift to share with your near and dear ones. Wondering how? Well, Maharani Chai is here with a wonderful gift in the form of the Maharani Treasure Tea Box. Read further to know more.

Inside the Maharani Treasure Tea Box
Maharani Treasure Tea
Box is a beautiful wooden box that exudes a regal and aesthetic vibe. It contains two packets:-

450 gms of High Grown Assam CTC
Born in the tea estates of Assam, the high-grown Assam CTC tea is one of the best products that Maharani Chai has to offer. It is rich, profound, and malty in taste. This beverage is made using hybrid leaves. Yes, you read that right. The original tea plant is of Chinese origin and has a distinct flavor. Assam tea is made from an entirely different yet localized plant called Camellia Sinensis var Assamica. This variety is also used to produce a number of Assamese essential oils, which are highly used in food flavoring and perfumes. Buy this premium quality tea with the choicest of leaves from Maharani Chai.

50 gms of Darjeeling Long Leaf Tea
Considered to be one of the finest teas, Darjeeling tea is typically a black tea, known for its distinct musky flavor, referred to as “muscatel”. This flavor combined with a very mild astringent kick, and fruity aroma evokes a sensation similar to that of sipping wine. This unique taste cannot be replicated anywhere else. Taste the “Champagne of Teas” offered at your doorstep by Maharani Chai.
If you wish to gift the best high quality tea straight from Assam and Darjeeling Tea, Maharani Treasure Tea Box is the product for you from the Best Tea Brand in India

Why is the Maharani Treasure Tea box perfect for winter?
During the winter, people have colds or coughs, and sipping warm tea helps us feel better. But why settle for any tea? Get the highest-rated upper Assam garden tea blended with top Darjeeling long leaves in the form of the Maharani Treasure Tea Box. Wish to know why? Here you go:

Keep cold and cough at bay.
Assam and Darjeeling tea is loaded with spices that can aid the common cold and cough. A cup made from any of these can help to relieve cold or cough symptoms by calming nasal inflammation.

Ease your bowel movement.
In the winter, the likelihood of digestive problems gets increased by eating heavier foods, the tendency to sit still, and avoiding physical activity. One can drink Assam or Darjeeling tea which can help with digestion and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Improve blood circulation with the Maharani Treasure Tea box.
Due to inactivity throughout the winter, our bodies get rigid and blood circulation is hampered. In addition to controlling blood sugar levels, drinking Assam tea and Darjeeling tea helps improve internal blood circulation.

No infections. No inflammations.
Warm blends can be sipped to reduce swelling and pain. It is said that drinking malty Assam tea can help to reduce inflammation in the body and ease the pain.

Get a natural energy booster in the form of Assam and Darjeeling tea.
Spiced tea can be used as a natural energy booster with little to no bad side effects because it is abundant in essential nutrients and minerals. Energy drinks typically include large amounts of caffeine, which can be harmful to one’s health. It is recommended to consume Assam and Darjeeling tea as energy boosters.

Sounds great, no? Gift your loved ones the Maharani Treasure Tea Box now. You can also place an order for the best Premium Tea. Order from the royal tea brand of India from

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