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Maharani Nectar Darjeeling Long Leaves 200gms (Pack of 2)

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Darjeeling Long Leaves Tea, like nature’s nectar, offers a delicate infusion from the Himalayan slopes, a truly exquisite tea experience.

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Darjeeling Long Leaves Tea: A Sip of Nature’s Nectar

Darjeeling Long Leaves Tea, often referred to as the “Champagne of Teas,” is a beverage that epitomizes elegance and sophistication. Nestled in the picturesque Darjeeling region of India, this tea is like nature’s nectar captured in each delicate leaf.

**Terroir’s Nectar**: Darjeeling’s unique terroir, with its high-altitude gardens, misty valleys, and diverse microclimates, imparts a distinctive character to this tea. The result is a brew with a floral aroma and a taste that mirrors the sweet nectar of blooming flowers.

**Sip of Elegance**: The amber-hued liquor of Darjeeling Long Leaves Tea is a testament to its unparalleled quality. With a mellow and nuanced flavor profile, it exudes the refinement akin to sipping on nature’s nectar. It offers a delicate combination of muscatel notes, a hint of sweetness, and a touch of astringency that dances on the palate.

**Elevated Experience**: Darjeeling Long Leaves Tea is often revered for its refined taste and complex flavor profile. It’s a tea that invites you to elevate your tea-drinking experience to a higher level of sophistication. As you sip this golden nectar, you embark on a sensory journey through the tea gardens of Darjeeling.

**Healthful Nectar**: Beyond its exquisite taste, Darjeeling Long Leaves Tea boasts health benefits akin to nature’s nectar. Rich in antioxidants, it may support your well-being by bolstering your immune system and aiding digestion. It’s a soothing elixir for both body and soul.

**Brewing Elegance**: To savor Darjeeling Long Leaves Tea at its best, steep it with care. Use freshly boiled water, allow the leaves to unfurl and release their nectar-like goodness for about 2-4 minutes, and then indulge in the liquid poetry of Darjeeling.

In conclusion, Darjeeling Long Leaves Tea is a beverage that encapsulates the very essence of nature’s nectar. Its elegance, complex flavor, and healthful benefits make it a treasured brew for connoisseurs and those seeking a refined tea experience. Raise your teacup to Darjeeling, where every sip is a taste of paradise, a sip of nature’s nectar.


Darjeeling Long Tea Leaves



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₹ 200.00


200 gms (Pack of 2)

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Dec 2023 & Nov 2024

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Moisture free polypack

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Ramesh Tea Traders, Prayagraj
FSSAI Lic No. 12715005000031


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