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Perk up your day with interesting things about Assam tea

Perk Up Your Day With Interesting Things About Assam Tea

Assam is a wonderful place. Bestowed with hills and blessed with the ever-flowing Brahmputra river, it is regarded as the most accessible of the Seven sisters. Every year, Assam produces silk, bamboo artwork, betel nut, and whatnot. But the most famous of all the produced items are tea. Assam tea enjoys the reputation of being the world’s best breakfast tea. Grown in the lush green tea estates of Assam, it is usually of deep amber, ruby red, or deep orange setting sun shade. You can get the best Assam tea online from Maharani Chai but before that let’s explore the vibrant Assam tea by discovering some interesting facts about it:

Tea was born before the Britishers came to India. The credit shouldn’t go to the East India Company.
Yes, you read that right. Long before the Britishers discovered it, tea was thriving in Assam. Sincere thanks to the Singpho tribe who used to brew. It was the chief of this tribe – Bessa Gam who in 1832 had managed to show the tea variety to Robert Bruce, the Scottish adventurer. So, the entire credit of nurturing a rich tea estate in Assam shouldn’t go to the East India Company.

It was Sir William McKercher’s miracle.
Assam tea is manufactured using a method called “crush, tear and curl”, popularly called CTC. As the name suggests, this method involves crushing, tearing, and ultimately curling the tea leaves using several cylindrical tools. This leaves them with a string flavor and makes them suitable for tea bags. This method was introduced by Sir William McKercher and became a progenitor of tea manufacturing for the best Assam tea online.

Assam tea is made as per the “Tea Garden Time”.
Although the government of India hasn’t designated any other time to any of the Indian states, Assam has been following a “Tea Garden Time” for the past 150 years now. Sun usually rises earlier in the Northeastern region of the country. So, back in the British era, the contractors wanted the laborers to utilize the daylight hours to the maximum extent possible. This is why they introduced a “chai-bagan-time” or the “tea garden time”. This separate standard time has enabled tea gardeners to produce the finest tea in the world for a century-and-a-half now.

It is manufactured using hybrid tea leaves of the original plant.
Assam tea is a beverage that is made using hybrid leaves. Yes, you read that right. The original tea plant is of Chinese origin and has a distinct flavor. Assam tea is made from an entirely different yet localized plant called Camellia Sinensis var Assamica. This variety is also used to produce a number of Assamese essential oils, which are highly used in food flavoring and perfumes. Buy Assam tea online made from the choicest of leaves from Maharani Chai.

Why Assam tea is the best “breakfast tea”?
Grown at a low sea level, Assam tea generally has a malty and earthy taste. It rejuvenates the senses and energizes of the body for the day. This makes it a perfect breakfast beverage all around the globe. One can spot multiple cafes and restaurants serving Assam tea or its blends with breakfast items. The aroma and the distinct flavor bring it to par with Irish breakfast tea or English breakfast tea.

Which is the world’s largest growing tea estate?
Some Chinese tea estate? Well, you are wrong. It’s the Assamese tea estates. It enjoys the reputation of the world’s largest tea-producing estate for producing the “first flush” picked up in March and the “second flush” of golden-tipped leaves. Be it the arid winters or the very humid summers, Assam tea estates produce about 507 million kilograms of tea every year.

So, these were some intriguing facts about the most cherished of beverages – the Assam tea. Wish to buy Assam tea online? Or do you wish to buy green tea online? Place your order now at and get your tea brand delivered to your doorstep. Happy sipping!

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