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Buy Online High Grown Assam CTC Tea in Madhya Pradesh

Buy Online High Grown Assam CTC Tea in Madhya Pradesh

One of the most profound tea beverages of the world is the Assam tea. Known for its rich malty taste, this tea is born and brought up with emotions and experience in the tea estates of Assam. It is intriguing to witness every tea leaf growing up into what gives you a refreshing sensation once you empty the cup and knowing more about this favorite beverage of yours will be an added bonus to this feeling. In this blog, Maharani Chai will take you for a gallivanting walk in the tea gardens of Assam discovering all that is to be discovered about the high-grown Assam CTC tea online in Madhya Pradesh. So, let’s pick our cups and start reading!

All you need to know about Assam tea
Assam tea is made from a ubiquitous yet special variety of tea plant that grows in Assam. The plant varietal for the Assam tea is the Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica, known to the natives there for hundreds of years. Harvesting is mainly by hand, since the tea is grown in hilly terrain. Then, the leaves follow either the orthodox or the CTC road to your teacup. Maharani Chai, India’s choicest tea manufacturing company enjoys the reputation for manufacturing and supplying the choicest high-grown Assam CTC tea online in Madhya Pradesh. And today, we will be talking about that only!

A sneak-peak into Assam CTC tea
CTC is the abbreviation for “Curl, Tear, Crush”. Maharani Chai manufactures machine processed fully oxidized Assam tea via this method. It steeps up an amber-colored liquid with a rich malty flavor tending towards the bitter side. It takes milk well and can usually use a bit of sugar or other sweetener, too, serving as a great beverage. Our Assam CTC tea online in Madhya Pradesh tends to be a blend of tea leaves harvested from more than one plantation during the first harvest, termed as the “first flush”. This makes the flavor fairly consistent from one batch to another. Since our Assam tea leaves in Madhya Pradesh are manufactured with utmost care and expertise in the start, the end product received by our customers is of premium quality.

How to make a perfect cup of Maharani Assam tea leaves in Uttar Pradesh?
Maharani Assam tea online in Uttarakhand is made from the tender most tea leaves and buds only. Our tea offers the classic full-bodied, robust taste perfect for making a cup of strong malty Assam black tea. Wondering how to make a perfect cup so that the first sip would be enough to make you fall in love with our Assam tea online in Uttarakhand? We are happy to help:
Steep Maharani Assam CTC tea online in Uttar Pradesh in straight water in a teapot/vessel. When steeped to a good, strong liquid, Assam tea leaves in Uttar Pradesh can really taste bitter. At Maharani Chai, we recommend you to steep up a weak version by reducing the amount of tea used and/or shortening the steeping time.
Add milk and sugar/jaggery (optional) to the cup, and then pour in the tea. It’s not traditional, but it’s very scrumptious.
In tea drinking, there are no hard and fast rules except one: the “tastebuds’ rule”. So, make the tea that tastes good to you.

Maharani Assam CTC tea online in Uttar Pradesh usually steeps as a deep ruby red color with a rich, slightly bitter flavor. It gives you a strong boost to kickstart your day. Wish to order and taste this rich beverage? Place your order now at Happy steeping!

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