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Healthy Tea Time Snacks That You Can Enjoy With Your Maharani Gold Leaf Tea

Healthy Tea Time Snacks That You Can Enjoy With Your Maharani Gold Leaf Tea

Are you a tea lover or are you a tea lover with snacks? We know the answer is the second one because tea without snacks is bread without butter. And if you are a snack lover, you know that not every snack goes well with chai. You need to be very specific (pun intended) while choosing chai snacks.

Here are the most loved snacks of all time, which you can blindly enjoy while having your special tea.

Famous Chai Snacks of All Time –

Fan Khari/Rusk

The most loved snack among tea lovers can’t be better than this. Fan/Khari/rusk, when dipped in tea and eaten gives you the amount of love and relief you are missing in life. Just one bite and you are all set to take the world by storm.

Remember, Khari and Rusk are different. Khari is soft while rusk is hard. Also, the ingredients and baking methods are different.


There are multiple varieties of biscuits available in the market out of which some people choose plain ones like Parle-G, 20-20, Good Day, Hide n Seek etc., while others use cream biscuits like Jim-Jam, Oreo, etc. while having their royal tea. Choose yours as per your taste.


Can something be better than this? We guess not! Eating chai-samosa has been the ritual of many houses daily. It is even considered the basic necessity or the mandatory snack to be served to guests in some households. Now choosing between samosa and Khari is real.


Indians have multiple varieties of pakodas that goes well (sorry, our bad) insanely amazing with tea. Be it bread pakoda, onion rings pakoda, aalu pakoda or any other variety, just grab some and relish your chai-pakoda time. Furthermore, these taste even better when you have them with our Maharani Gold Leaf Tea. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself.


Dhokla has become an integral part of snack time all over India. People love eating dhokla any time of the day. But, you know what? It tastes delicious when eaten with tea. And if you haven’t tried it yet, do it now because we know you gonna love it.
You can either have sweet dhokla or masala dhokla as per your taste. But, we suggest you try masala dhokla.

Other Snacks

Other snacks like Indian street food including dosa, Pao bhaji, chowmein, paneer tikka, roll, etc., can be eaten with tea. They taste luscious when eaten with chai. The spicy taste adds to the kadak and sweet taste of chai and gives you a mixed taste on your tongue.

You can either cook these snacks at your home or order them from your favourite food outlets. These are easily available usually in every corner of India and that too at reasonable prices.

Now that you know about these snacks (though you might have known about some of them before and probably had them multiple times) make your tea time more fun and delicious.

Don’t forget to eat them along with the famous gold leaf chai of Maharani chai because we deliver only premium and authentic quality tea leaves that are totally hand-picked and catered well.

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