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Beyond Black and Green: Lesser-Known Varieties of Premium Quality Tea

Beyond Black and Green: Lesser-Known Varieties of Premium Quality Tea

Today, tea is less of a beverage and more of a ritual in India. The stories of the beauty that lies in a warm cup of Masala chai or a reviving cup of Darjeeling tea echo in every corner of every home. Regardless of whether one has long hours to spare, or perhaps simply a moment of respite amidst the hustle-bustle, the different types of tea in India are what every tea connoisseur turns to. Today, Maharani Chai, a premium quality tea brand, brings to you the lesser-known varieties of premium quality tea.

  • Masala Chai

Of all the delightful types of chai in India, it’s Masala Chai for the win. Masala Chai is believed to be a centuries-old Indian concoction, created as an invigorating home remedy for common ailments. This premium quality tea is drawn from kitchens across India, and combines black tea leaves with aromatic spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and bay leaves, creating a brew that is truly the heart of India. Few can resist the robust, spice-infused flavor of India’s favorite tea. Indulge all your senses with our signature blend – savor its rich aroma as it brews, enjoy its amber color, and delight your palate with every sip of the delicious tea.

  • Assam Tea in Varanasi

From the wind-swept hilly estates of Assam, the world’s largest tea-growing region comes this perfect breakfast tea. Botanically known as Camellia sinensis var. Assamica, this tea is native to India; China and Assam are the only regions in the world with their native tea variety. Assam tea was first noticed by a European traveler in the 17th century, who recorded the use of the leaves in the diet of local Assamese. Today the whole world loves the rich, malty amber brew of the Assam tea in Varanasi. Sip on a rich, malty cup of Assam Leaf, fresh from India’s sun-kissed tea estates, as you scan the headlines of your newspaper. The best premium tea is sure to wake you up and prime you for a great day ahead.

  • Tulsi Royal Tea

This signature blend is inspired by India’s hallowed traditions. Tulsi royal tea, known for their curative power, come together with antioxidant-rich green tea leaves to give you a powerhouse tea that detoxifies, builds immunity, and vanquishes coughs and colds. The tulsi or holy basil plant is revered in India, as a sacred plant as well as for its therapeutic properties. Blending this rich source of health and goodness with India’s finest green tea gives us a perfect recipe for good health. Tulsi Ritual helps in weight loss, enhances stamina, and invigorates – a host of health benefits in a teacup.

  • Lemongrass Classic

Black tea sourced from India’s finest tea estates of India is combined with fresh lemongrass, to create a blend that’s robust and brisk, laced with lemony sweetness. Lemongrass Classic is the best premium tea, but you can enjoy its robust, yet mellow flavor any time of day. Savor the bright freshness of a summer morning with every sip of this delightful, flavored black tea. The sweet flavor of lemongrass and the robustness of rich black tea blend into the perfect brew, guaranteed to uplift the spirit and energize you for the day.
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