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Sipping Excellence: Discovering the Top Tea Brands in Haryana

Sipping Excellence: Discovering the Top Tea Brands in Haryana

For North Indians, tea has always been an unrivaled and irreplaceable item. Be it an early morning or a lazy afternoon, a cup of tea can boost your energy levels like anything. Today, let’s dwell more into our cups and sip some excellence. Maharani Chai, the top tea brand in Haryana, brings to you the top tea brands in Haryana in this blog post. Check them out!

  • Maharani Chai

    Maharani Chai the top chai brand in Haryana has spread its roots to the borders of India with its flavourful taste, aroma, and variants. For every mood, we have a dedicated tea variant. Starting from Maharani Premium Tea to Maharani Green Tea – Tulsi, from Maharani Tea Time to Maharani, we have won hearts in Madhya Pradesh since our very advent. Our Assam tea in Prayagraj is a must-try!
  • Brooke Bond Taaza

To be on top of your packed day, you need a clear mind – what’s better than a cup of new Brooke Bond Taaza to refresh and clear your mind? Brooke Bond Taaza is a tea blend with high-quality fresh green tea leaves. Taaza has high-quality fresh green leaves packed with the natural goodness of theanine, which is naturally present in tea leaves, and is one of the best-known sources of refreshment that clears your mind instantly. 

  • Wagh Bakri Chai

Wagh Bakri Tea sells premium teas of premium quality. It also specializes in manufacturing flavored teas, green tea, iced tea, and Darjeeling tea. The company owns other popular brands like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Mili’, and ‘Navchetan’.

  • Brooke Bond Red Label

Brooke Bond Red Label is one of India’s largest-selling packaged tea brands. The CTC tea is made using the best quality leaves, and processed in the unique Brooke Bond Tea Excellence Centre. Since 1869, Brooke Bond has brought you the perfect tasting tea experience with the best-chosen leaves.

  • Pataka Chai

Pataka Group produces quality tea by working with extremely efficient tea leaf pickers and the best processing machinery. It also focuses on the betterment and welfare of workers and their families and improving their deplorable conditions. It caters livelihood to 200,000 households and is one of the foremost privately held employment-generating companies.

  • Organic India Pvt. Ltd

Organic India Pvt. Ltd. is a sustainable tea manufacturing company that operates with numerous farmers in India to cultivate extensive acres of sustainable organic farmland. All of their farmers are educated in organic and biodynamic agricultural practices and are supported with a sufficient income. The company specializes in manufacturing pure blends of black tea, green tea, and various infusions containing chamomile, turmeric, ginger, honey, and moringa.

  • Amar Tea Pvt. Ltd

Amar Tea Pvt. Ltd. manufactures are known for using triple laminated base packing material and pet jars for their tea variants. It has become a common household name in the decades all over India for its premium quality and consistency. The company invested time in analyzing the demands of Indian customers and accordingly blended its tea variants to launch the best Assam Tea in Roorkee with the best taste.
So, what’s stopping you? Try the top chai brand in Haryana now with us at

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