Maharani Chai

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MAHARANI CHAI – striving to chase perfection in a tea cup

Maharani Chai was started with a small yet virtuous idea of providing the best quality Assam teas mixed with the best Darjeeling tea in India, to the city of Allahabad. Originally a humble loose tea seller shop called Darjeeling Tea Company; Maharani Chai enjoys a legacy of over six decades. The company is striving to chase perfection in a tea cup, keeping two things in mind. First is our uncompromised time and dedication given to the procurement and blending of teas. The team makes sure that it is checked and rechecked before packing it for consumers. The second is to keep up with change and adaptation, which is crucial to succeeding in a competitive market. Keeping up the changing trends in mind, our business strategies, packaging, shape and material, and others have always been in a modification mode.

Tea Blending is an art of precision and consistency. We hope to leave this mark of art in every cup of Maharani Chai. Today Maharani Chai enjoys the loyalty of millions who value us for providing premium taste without the premium price tag. The company’s graph has a constant slope in growth year on year, and we also have zero negative feedback on our products. The major part of this success is because of the atmosphere that has been set in the company. The satisfaction, determination and loyalty displayed by our employees towards the brand has been quite an achievement. We all work as a united bunch, and there are no such corporate bars and hierarchies to create a social difference, this was the legacy set by the fore fathers of the brand.

At present, we are focusing on nation-wide branding. Surprisingly, we have received an immense positive response and support with the launch of our online delivery services which gives us a motivational push to strive further.     To relish the great taste of Maharani chai, log on to our website and order the Best Darjeeling tea in India, best Darjeeling tea in Uttar Pradesh, best Darjeeling tea in Madhya Pradesh, best Darjeeling tea in Uttarakhand. You can also buy Darjeeling tea online in Haryana from our website. Here is Maharani Chai to make your break time more special with a delicious medley of Assam and Darjeeling tea leaves.

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