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Lemon tea: why is it so good and How do you make it at home?

Lemon tea: why is it so good and How do you make it at home?

India is known as the home of tea sippers. Here, any and every type of tea is brewed and is consumed with great enthusiasm. One such tea is lemon tea – the heartthrob of fitness freaks and health-conscious people. We thought of getting this popular beverage a tangy edge and that’s how Maharani Honey lemon tea was born. It combines the goodness of honey, lemon, and tea, creating a flavorful and invigorating beverage. In this blog, Maharani Chai, best tea in India, brings to you the benefits of consuming this beverage and how to make it at home.

Why is drinking Honeylemon Tea so Good?

Honeylemon tea comes with a cup of benefits. These include:

  • The Required Vitamin C Boost.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which is known to boost the immune system, fight off colds and flu, and support overall health.

  • Possesses Antioxidant Properties.

It is a high quality green tea because of both lemon and tea. Both of them are rich in antioxidants that help protect the body against free radicals, which can cause damage to cells and contribute to various health issues.

  • Your Ultimate “Digestive Aid”.

Lemon tea, especially when consumed warm, can help stimulate digestion, relieve bloating, and promote a healthy digestive system. Place a green tea order online to encash some wonderful health benefits.

  • Keeps One Hydrated.

Sipping this premium quality tea is a great way to stay hydrated, as it adds flavor to plain water and encourages increased water intake.

  • Is Calming and Uplifting.

The aroma and taste of the best high quality tea can have a calming effect on the mind and provide a sense of relaxation. It is also known to uplift mood and reduce stress.

  • Hot or Cold? Have it the Way you Like!

Honeylemon tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold, depending on your preference and the weather. Hot lemon tea is soothing and comforting, especially during colder months. Cold Honeylemon tea is refreshing and perfect for hot summer days. You can prepare a larger batch of lemon tea and refrigerate it for a chilled beverage.

  • Your “Anytime” Beverage. 

Honeylemon tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It can be a refreshing morning beverage, a pick-me-up during the afternoon, or a soothing drink before bedtime. Sipping on lemon tea throughout the day can help keep you hydrated and provide a flavorful alternative to plain water. Buy green tea online and enjoy it every day. 

How to make Honeylemon Tea at Home?

To make lemon tea at home, all one needs is a cup of water and a Maharani Honeylemon Green Tea pack. Got all the ingredients? Now, follow these instructions:

STEP 1: Boil the water in a saucepan or kettle.

STEP 2: Place a Maharani Honeylemon the best premium tea bag in a cup and pour the boiling water over it.

STEP 3: Let the tea steep for the recommended time according to the tea package instructions (usually 3-5 minutes).

STEP 4: Remove the tea bag and allow the tea to cool slightly before sipping.

STEP 5 (OPTIONAL): If desired, you may add 1-2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice to the tea or more honey to taste. This will make your tea more tangier. 

STEP 6 (OPTIONAL): Stir well until the lemon juice is incorporated.

STEP 7 (OPTIONAL):  You may add some ice cubes for a chilled version. Happy sipping!

You can adjust the tangy taste as well as the sweetness of honey by adding a dash of fresh lemon juice and sweetener according to your taste preferences. If you are adding more lemon juice for a tangier beverage, then remember to use fresh lemons for the best flavor and nutritional benefits. Feel free to experiment with different types of tea and add herbs or spices like mint or ginger for additional flavor variations. Place your order now with Maharani Chai at and enjoy your homemade lemon tea!

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