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How to brew perfect cup of Premium Tea?

How to Brew Perfect Cup of Premium Tea?

Tea is no doubt one of the most popular beverages of our time. The refreshing feeling, the earthy taste, the robust and maltier flavor – everything about this beverage will make your day. Although everyone wishes to drink a perfect cup of tea not everyone is skilled enough to make one. Are you somebody who wishes to have your favorite beverage in a perfectly brewed manner? Well, Maharani Chai – the best premium tea brand in India is here to help you out. In this article, we have traced out some things that you need to keep in mind to brew the perfect cup of premium tea. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started:

Quality of the tea.
Believe it or not, the quality of tea matters the most. You can perform the most complicated of procedures or practice the best tea brewing techniques, but if your tea is of poor quality, you wouldn’t get the perfect cup of brewed premium tea ever. So, look for a premium quality tea first. Maharani Chai stands out to be the best premium tea brand in India. Their tea leaves are hand-picked by expert tea sommeliers straight from the tea estates of Assam. For starters, we recommend you use the Maharani Premium Tea pack which is the best premium tea brand.

The amount of tea you add.
You will end up with a not-so-good beverage if you don’t add the right amount of tea while brewing it. Generally, the recommended amount is 1 teaspoon of Maharani Premium tea per half a cup of water. Wondering why such a small amount? This is because tea leaves have the property of expanding their form and then infusing in the water while getting brewed. Too much tea will result in a very strong beverage that may not be impressive.

Brewing tea time.
If you end up brewing your tea for too long, you might end up ruining your taste buds. The brewing time for teas varies. For Maharani Premium tea, it is recommended to brew it for 1-2 minutes. Green tea takes even lesser time. Do keep in mind that the more the brewing time is, the more bitter the beverage will be.

What is “your” cup of tea?
While every tea comes with its own set of guidelines, at the end of the day, the beverage should reflect the taste and preference of the drinker. It’s important to discover what you like when it comes to tea. You might like your tea with a tinge of honey, some extra sugar, tulsi essence, etc. You have to experiment if you need to decipher what’s the best high quality tea for you.

The right water temperature.
Another factor that can ruin your favorite beverage is the wrong water temperature. Different types of tea have different temperatures where they taste perfect. Green tea tastes great in lukewarm water. If you end up adding green tea leaves to boiling water, you will be drinking a bitter cup of tea. So, the temperature is the key. In order to land at the right temperature, experiment with various temperatures of water and see the one that suits you.

At the end of the day, it is up to you how much tea you wish to add, how long you brew it and at what temperature, do you wish to brew it. After combining all these factors, you get the best beverage that is capable of rejuvenating your senses and refreshing your day. Try to focus on you, and your tastes and preferences.

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