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How much loose tea per cup to use: Basics of Tea making?

How much Loose Tea per cup to use: Basics of Tea Making?

In India, tea has been regarded as one of the best beverages to get rid of lethargy, sleepiness as well as headaches. While tea gets to serve multiple purposes in our country, it can be made in multiple ways and with a variety of ingredients given the taste and preferences of the drinkers. Speaking of multiple ways of making tea, while tea bags have their own “portable” charm, the aroma and flavor of loose tea carries are unrivaled and indisputable. 

 It is believed that in order to brew the perfect cup of tea, one needs to add the right amount of loose tea. But what is the right amount? We will tell you. In this blog, Maharani Chai brings to you the answer to this much-awaited question. So, stick to your tea cups and hang them till the end.

The Basics of a Perfect Cup of Tea

A perfect cup of tea is earmarked by the following components:

  • The Best Tea

Which tea qualifies as the best tea for you? Is it Assam tea? Or the Darjeeling tea? Or a healthy cup of green tea? Well, the choice is whole-solely yours. It’s better to dig in a little deep to land upon the best tea for you.

When it comes to Assam tea, is one of the most cherished breakfast teas. Also known as the “Irish Breakfast Tea”, it carries a rich and profound taste. Gone are the days when people used to go out in order to enjoy this flavourful beverage, with Maharani Chai’s best Assam tea online you can bring the magic straight from Assam to your dining table. 

On the other hand, we have the typical black tea – Darjeeling tea which is known for its distinct musky flavor. Maharani Darjeeling Special Leaf tea is the best Darjeeling black tea with a light-colored infusion that boasts of a floral aroma that is pivotal to it being the most sought-after tea leaf in the world. 

Hence, before you buy Assam tea online, get acquainted with its ingredients so that you arrive at your favorite tea. 

  • Getting the Proportions Right.

Now, one of the most integral components of a delectable cup of tea is the proportion in which loose tea is added to the tea. This is because it can indelibly affect the color, flavor as well as the appearance of your tea. However, these proportions vary depending on the tea you are using. For Assam CTC tea, 1 teaspoon is enough for 1 cup of water. For Darjeeling tea, it is somewhere close to 1.5 teaspoons for every cup of water. Hence, some teas may require a higher quantity that is to be added to achieve the desired flavor and strength. 

  • Set the water to the right temperature.

Lukewarm? Too hot? Well, water is the key ingredient of your special tea. And this is even more important for people who sip green tea. Make sure that the water measures 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit so that you don’t end up with a bitter cup of green tea. In case the water exceeds this temperature, you can wait for it to cool down and then add the tea to it.

  • Pump your cup of tea with other ingredients and essence flavors.

Some teas taste better with add-ons. It could be a herb or an essence that can pump up the flavor of your favorite beverage. Maharani Premium Tea tastes even better with a dash of ginger juice and cardamom. On the other hand, to pump up the flavor of your Maharani Special Tea, one can add a cinnamon stick to the brewing mixture. For green teas, Maharani Chai is known for manufacturing them in four different variants – Natural, Honeylemon, Tulsi and Classic so that customers can cherish the tastefulness of green tea. 

Sounds interesting, right? For more insightful articles on India’s favorite beverage, kindly stay tuned to

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