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Find Out Six Things That Can Spoil Your Tea

Find Out Six Things That Can Spoil Your Tea

Tea is the most loved beverage in India for many centuries. Its magical aroma wins hearts and has been a preferred choice of people in their diets. There are multiple varieties of teas available in the market that impart multiple health benefits. However, making tea in a correct manner will only reap desired results. Here are the things that you must avoid to make your tea soothing and delicious.

Take Care of these Aspects While Making the Tea

From growing to plucking to making, tea requires absolute delicacy and care. So, why not maintain its delicacy by adapting the right tea-making methods? Here are some points to help you know what to avoid while buying/storing/making your tea.

Not Keeping Your Tea Leaves in an Air Tight Container

You need to be very careful with your tea leaves. Exposing them to air can diffuse their aroma and health benefits, making them dull & unuseful. So, use tea leaves or bags that are tightly packed, and preserved at the optimum temperature. Shop from our variety of tea ranges stored at the right temperature and thus, are considered the best tea in India.

Never Use Unfiltered Water

You must have noticed that the taste of roadside tea and homemade tea is different. That is because unfiltered water can change the taste of your tea to a great extent, including the colour essence and aroma. Hence, use only portable and filtered water to get the right colour and taste of any tea you have.

Use Only the Authentic Tea Brand

The higher the demand, the higher chances of duplicacy. Our ‘Maharani Tea’ is the most premium tea that is purely handpicked and packed under optimum heat and temperature. Experience the best tea online in Uttarakhand with the top-notch varieties of our premium tea, Gold tea, Green tea, X-Lent Tea and much more.

Adding a High Amount of Sugar

Excessive sweetening agents can kill the vibe of tea, making it less desirable. Even health professionals and experts advise people to drink tea without milk and sugar to gain high benefits, especially in teas like Green Tea, White Tea, Chamomile Tea, etc.

However, even if you like tea with sweetener, add a decent amount or prefer using honey for better health benefits.

Don’t Boil or Steep For Too Long

People have the notion of dipping tea bags in hot water for a long time to get dark colour with the goodness of benefits or boiling tea leaves for a long time in the water. Though the steeping time also depends on one’s taste but following a particular time is good for taste and health both. As per experts, Green tea should be steeped for 2-3 minutes while Black tea for 4-5minutes.

Take the benefits of the best tea online shopping in Madhya Pradesh from our website and enjoy your morning tea at peace.

These are some of the things you need to keep in mind while buying/storing/making the tea. Apart from this, if you are doing online shopping, then make sure that you will look for the Best tea brands online in Uttarakhand (of which Maharani Chai tops the category) only to avoid any discrepancies.

Get flavour in every sip!

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