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Darjeeling Special Leaf Tea could be your best bet!

Darjeeling Special Leaf Tea Could be your Best Bet!

One of the finest and best beverages in the world comes from Darjeeling. And Maharani Darjeeling Special Leaf tea is one such beverage. Made out of the choicest hand-picked long leaves, it has a fruity-and-sweet-finish earmarked by a breathtaking aroma and a golden or bronze color. There is no doubt that it is sweeter and less bitter than other black teas available out there. This attributes to its name as “the champagne of teas.” Wondering what are its benefits? Well, Maharani Darjeeling Special Leaf tea comes with loads of health benefits.

Boosts your heart health with Maharani Darjeeling Special Leaf tea.
Darjeeling teas usually contain flavonoids which are plant pigments known for lowering heart cholesterol levels. Since high cholesterol leads to high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke,, and an array of heart ailments, it is advisable to drink tea because drinking tea can help you reduce your risk of developing those diseases.

Enhances intestinal immunity and gut health.
The polyphenols in Darjeeling special chai stimulate good bacteria growth in your digestive system. Higher levels of bad bacteria may contribute to obesity, while good bacteria help you lose weight.

Maharani Darjeeling Special Leaf has zero calorie count.
This Darjeeling special tea product has zero calorie count unless you pump the beverage with honey, sugar, or dairy creamer.

It is naturally oxidized.
Another aspect of consuming the Maharani Darjeeling Special Leaf tea to be noted is that it is 100% naturally oxidized. Oxidation is the process of drying and darkening the tea leaves which is ultimately responsible for the flavor, aroma, and strength of a tea. Maharani Darjeeling Special Leaf tea has no artificial color.

Maharani Darjeeling Special Leaf tea helps in lowering blood sugar levels.
Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects how your body uses insulin, a hormone that regulates the amount of sugar in your blood. People with type 2 diabetes have high blood sugar because their bodies don’t make enough insulin. It has been scientifically proven that Darjeeling special chai extracts appeared to lower blood sugar levels, allowing people with diabetes to metabolize (process) insulin more efficiently.

Has anti-cancer properties.
The human body makes harmful energy molecules called free radicals. They tend to damage cell DNA and can be responsible for cellular mutation. Darjeeling special chai has two important polyphenols called theaflavins and thearubigins. These are considered powerful antioxidants that fight these free radicals. They also help in shrinking cancerous tumors and protecting against damage from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Darjeeling special tea helps in preventing cavities and in promoting oral hygiene.
Darjeeling tea helps slow bacterial growth, preventing dental cavities and plaque. Drinking tea can also help balance your mouth microbiome and eliminate hydrogen sulfide, which causes bad breath. Tea leaves contain fluoride, which strengthens the enamel on your teeth.

Has less caffeine content.
Caffeine is a stimulator. Too much caffeine can lead to jitters, restlessness, anxiousness, and nausea, and prevent you from getting a full night’s sleep. The best part is that Darjeeling special tea contains less caffeine than coffee. However, it is recommended to have it only once or twice a day.

It is true that reputations aren’t built overnight. Such is the legacy of this Darjeeling special tea from the house of Maharani Chai. The Maharani Darjeeling Special Leaf tea is made out of a thin-bodied, light-colored infusion of tea leaves that boasts a floral aroma. From the palaces in England to the glass skyscrapers in New York, nothing quite speaks the language of high society than the perfect cup of Darjeeling special tea. Wish to taste this flavorful beverage? Place your order now at and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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