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Brew Wars Unlocking the Mystery of Caffeine in Coffee vs. Tea

Brew Wars: Unlocking the Mystery of Caffeine in Coffee vs. Tea

Tea and coffee are the largest-selling beverages in India. You will find them in every house almost every morning starts with it. Although tea is more common still coffee is mainly seen in marriage or any celebration event. But do you feel confused between tea and coffee? There is a big debate among drinkers about which one of them has more caffeine. Also, both of them are drunk for similar benefits, but still, some facts distinguish between them.  

Here we will have a look over various benefits of tea over coffee and vice-versa to get some clarity. So, here we go. 

  1. Mental alertness: It is the key to excel in any exam or even in life. Moreover, the greater the mental alertness, the greater the concentration level. Various studies have revealed that caffeine helps in the enhancement of mental focus and boosts the energy level. So, if you consume more caffeine, you are more likely to remain alert. A cup of coffee contains nearly 100 mg caffeine on the other hand a cup of tea contains 50 mg. So, in a debate about caffeine in tea vs coffee, coffee is the clear winner. But when we talk about the effect, it is almost similar in terms of alertness. 
  1. Fiber Content: If we talk about the content of fiber in coffee or tea, coffee is the clear winner. 1 cup of coffee contains nearly 1.1g to 1.8g of fiber which is enough to make you alert for a few hours. So, if you consume around 2 to 3 cups of coffee every day, you will meet your requirements for fiber which comes from eating fruits or vegetables. In the debate of tea caffeine vs coffee caffeine, coffee wins in terms of making the whole day. 
  1. Stress levels: Due to a hectic work schedule and lifestyle, stress is very common these days. People try out various activities such as smoking or drinking alcohol, but all are not very effective. Drinking black tea having its origin in Darjeeling is a boon in this scenario. It soothes the mind by reducing the level of cortisol. Darjeeling tea health benefits surpass the effect of a cup of coffee when we talk about stress hormones. One cup of black tea works wonders in reducing the stress of the entire day and making you feel calm and composed. 
  1. Effect on aging: Do you want to live a longer life? For this, you can try a cup of black tea or coffee. Both tea and coffee help reduce the risk of certain diseases like cancer, TB, etc, and increase longevity. A study was conducted in the United Kingdom in which half a million people were asked to drink 2 cups of black tea. The facts revealed that it reduced the risk of dying in them from 9 to 13 percent. A similar study was done on coffee and research was almost similar. So, you can try any one of them if you aim to live longer. 

So, now you have seen that both tea and coffee are efficient for enhancing your energy level and making you feel relaxed. You can try any one of it or both to make your whole day an energetic one.

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