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How Mint and Lemon Can Pump up Your Green Tea?

How Mint and Lemon Can Pump up Your Green Tea?

Since the past few years, the mankind has been encashing the benefits of green tea. Loaded with uncountable health benefits, this beverage can you a refreshing headstart. While we are relishing over this beverage, a dash of lemon and sprinkle of mint leaves can escalate the health benefits of green tea by manifolds. Along the same lines, Maharani Chai has rolled out four special high quality green tea products including a honey lemon and Tulsi variant. Before you place a green tea order online with us, we woudl like to borrow some time to introduce you the idea of adding mint and lemon to your green tea and the magical benefits it has.

  • Green tea tastes better with mint and lemon. 

Although it comes with health benefits but can be too bitter to gulp. To lessen the bitterness, you can add some lemon juice. This makes green tea a soothing beverage that’s delectable and flavourful. Mint leaves, on the other hand, can add a refreshing tinge to your beverage. While lemon can add taste to your high quality green tea, mint leaves can give a cooling sensation. Get rid of the dullness of green tea and add some mint leaves straightaway!

  • Improves digestion and promotes weight loss. 

Since we live in fast-paced world, there can be umpteen instances when you end up eating some junk on your way to office. Our stomach often gets exhausted with such long digestion processes. In such a case, mint can pull you out of the woods. Mint leaves help your stomach tract relax. In case of gastroenteritis, mint can be a big relief. In addition to mint, a dash of lemon also helps in improving digestion. Not only that, lemon also puts weight away. Lemon is loaded with natural compounds that help in decreasing the size of adipose tissue, the fat tissue of our bodies. This helps in preventing weight gain. Order high quality green tea now from Maharani Chai and experience improved digestion and weight loss!

  • A great sressbuster.

Are you feeling stressed out? Well, a cup of green tea with lemon and mint leaves provide instant relief and you will feel great. In addition to the calming effect, it also revitalizes your brain cells increasing your productivity and concentration. It is scientifically proven that a lemony and minty cup of green tea can beat emotional stree to the ground. There is not iota of doubt that this combination is great mood shifter. Feeling a little low? Cheer yourself up with some lemon and mint green tea.

  • Boosts heart health.

Heart is directly or indirectly linked to all the afflictions. Health experts often tell people to take special care of their heart. Lemon has vitamin C that is really good for the heart. It lowers cholesterol. Not only that, it also reduces heart ailments to a great extent. So, a cup of  high quality green tea can help you in boosting your heart’s health.

  • Keep cold and congestion at bay.

Have cold? Or congestion? Well, a cup of green tea with mint and lemon can drastically improve your cold and congestion. Bid adieu to medications and pills. The menthol in mint can help in clearing your nasal tract. You feel relaxed and light. 

  • Keep bad breath away.

Sometimes, we have a bad breath. It’s not because of some underlying heath condition but because of plague deposit or accumulation of microbes in our mouth. With a lemony and minty cup of green tea, you can mask your bad breath. It is very beneficial for oral hygiene. 

Summing it up, green tea can bbe pumped brilliantly with a dash of lime and a sprinkle of mint leaves. Incorporate this healthy beverage in your lifestyle with 

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